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Tax Preparer Business Information

Tax Preparation businesses are required to prepare and submit a Disclosure Form pursuant to Municipal Code 4-44-030[1]. Completed Disclosure Forms must be emailed to BACP will only accept Disclosure Forms at this email address.  

On March 14, 2012, the City of Chicago passed ordinance 4-44 governing tax preparation services. The ordinance strengthens protections for consumers and requires tax preparers to provide customers with two documents prior to providing any services:

   (1) a "Consumer Bill of Rights Regarding Tax Preparation Services" and

   (2) a "Disclosure Form," which describes and lists the tax preparer's cost of services in compliance with ordinance 4-44-030.

As the tax season begins, tax preparers must come into compliance with the requirements set forth in the Municipal Code of Chicago. The ordinance is available to be viewed HERE.


[1] See definition of "Tax preparer" in Municipal Code 4-44-010.