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The Department of Buildings supports the safety and quality of life for the residents and visitors of the City of Chicago through enforcement of the Chicago Building Code.  The permitting and inspection process promotes high quality design standards as well as the conservation, rehabilitation and reuse of the City's existing buildings.

Average Time for Permit Issuance

Real Time metrics for Standard Plan Review (small to mid-size new construction and renovation projects) issued in the past two-weeks. The Department of Buildings issues many building permits on the same day through the Easy Permit Process.

Alerts (Buildings)

High Alert May 13, 2016 Important Notice: Fire Service Requirement Deadline is 1/1/2017.
Low Alert Oct 2, 2015 The Department of Buildings Inspects for "No Heat" complaints during Heat Season: September 15-June 1st
Low Alert Sep 22, 2015 Check out our updated Contact Information for the Department of Buildings.

Most Recent News (Buildings)

Mar 25, 2016 Mayor Rahm Emanuel's Program to Fast-Track Demolition of Vacant Buildings in High-Crime Police Districts in Full Force
Feb 23, 2016 City of Chicago Will Fast-Track Demolition of Vacant Buildings in Police Districts with High Crime Rates
Feb 1, 2016 DOB Update: February 2016
Nov 30, 2015 DOB Update: November 2015
Oct 9, 2015 Chicago Fire Department and Chicago Department of Buildings Remind Residents to Have Working Smoke Alarms And Carbon Monoxide Detectors Within 15 Feet Of Sleeping Areas
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