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Easy Building Permit Applications

The following are applications used as part of the Easy Permit Process:

A Certificate of Responsibility is provided when the owner is assuming the responsibility of the General Contractor.    

If you are removing, razing or demolishing any building, structure or portion of a building you must first obtain a demolition (wrecking) permit.    

  For miscellaneous repair work such as erecting fences over 5' in height, roof patching and repairs without structural repair, changing, moving or repairing walls, floors, ceilings; or erecting a new garage or replacing an existing garage.

This is a checklist to know the requirements in order to get an Easy Permit.

All the electrical work performed on the project, in addition the signature of the Supervising Electrician is required on the attached application. Note: Application requires a notarized signature.    

Application for a Permit for Elevator Installation    

At least 30 days prior to the excavation work, the owner of the property for where the work is to be done shall notify the owners of adjacent properties of the anticipated starting date.    

Application for a Plumbing Permit to replace, move or remove existing fixtures.    

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