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New Amendments to the Chicago Human Rights and Fair Housing Ordinances

Effective March 16, 2016, the Ordinances now protect all individuals associated with military service, including veterans and active duty military personnel. Also, the Chicago Fair Housing Ordinance now prohibits retaliation.

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 The CCHR Accepts Email Filings

The Commission accepts filing of complaints and other documents by e-mail.  For more information, click the following link.

Email Service and Filing Regulations

You Can Submit a Service Request to the CCHR Online

Simply click on the following link and select Discrimination/Hate Crimes Assistance under the Service Type drop-box menu:

Human Relations Service Requests

Alerts (Commission on Human Relations)

High Alert Feb 16, 2016 Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing
High Alert Feb 10, 2016 Chicago Says "No" to Discrimination Against Current and Former Members of the Military
Low Alert May 11, 2016 Protect Student Interns From Discrimination
Low Alert Feb 3, 2016 International Human Relations Council Press Conference in Support of the Muslim Community
Low Alert Feb 2, 2016 Statement in Support of Expanding Coverage under the Chicago Human Rights & Fair Housing Ordinances

Most Recent News (Commission on Human Relations)

May 18, 2016 Mayor Emanuel Introduces Measure to Protect Residents from Discrimination
Feb 10, 2016 City Council Approves Expanded Protections Against Discrimination of Veterans and Active Duty Military Personnel
Nov 24, 2015 Chicago Public Library Partners with the Chicago Commission on Human Relations to Present a Free Film Screening of Documentary, Waking in Oak Creek, as well as a “Human Rights Day” Panel Discussion
Sep 30, 2015 Chicago Public Library Partners with the Chicago Commission on Human Relations to Present a Free Film Screening of Documentary Waking in Oak Creek
Nov 3, 2014 Mayor Emanuel and the Commission on Human Relations Announces Expanded Assistance to Non-English Speaking Victims of Discrimination
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