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CCHR Now Accepts Email Filings

The Commission now accepts the filing of complaints and other documents by e-mail.  For more information, click the following link.

Email Service and Filing Regulations

You Can Now Submit a Service Request to the Commission on Human Relations Online

Simply click on the following link and select Discrimination/Hate Crimes Assistance under the Service Type drop-box menu:

Human Relations Service Requests

Updated Board Rulings Digest

Now Available

The Board Ruling Digest has recently been updated to include decisions issued through July 2015. The Digest summarizes rulings of the Board of Commissioners of the Chicago Commission on Human Relations in discrimination cases filed under the Chicago Human Rights Ordinance or the Chicago Fair Housing Ordinance. This publication is intended to provide assistance in assessing claims before the Commission and to serve as a tool toward informed settlement negotiations. The index is divided into three main parts. Part I provides a brief narrative of those cases where the Board ruled in favor of the complainant, as well as the corresponding remedies or "relief" awarded. Part II summarizes rulings in which the Board found that no ordinance violation(s) occurred. Part III is a table of all rulings in which the Board has found an ordinance violation and ordered relief, noting the type of discrimination found, the type of relief ordered, and sometimes the dollar amount. In all three parts, the rulings are listed by case category (employment, housing, public accommodations), from the latest to earliest.

Board Rulings Digest

Updated Index of Precedential Decisions Now Available

The Chicago Commission on Human Relations has updated its Subject Matter Index of precedential decisions to include the most recent precedential decisions issued by the Commission through December 2014. This Index replaces any previous Indexes. This updated Index merges the previously issued Volume 1 and Volume 2 and also adds decisions issued from October 1, 2012 through December 31, 2014.

Precedential decisions include all rulings of the Board of Commissioners after administrative hearings. These Board rulings decide whether an ordinance violation occurred and if so what penalties will be imposed on those found in violation. Other examples of precedential decisions include rulings of senior legal staff and hearing officers on jurisdictional issues, discovery and other procedural issues, requests for review of dismissals for no substantial evidence, and sanctions against parties that fail to comply with Commission orders and regulations. The Index does not reflect the full scope of the Commission's caseload or adjudicatory work. Nor does the Index necessarily describe all aspects of a particular case or decision. Rather, the purpose of the Subject Matter Index is to support legal research.

The Index is organized alphabetically by topic. A Table of Topics and Subtopics at the beginning enables users to find topics of interest. In the Index of Decisions, within each subtopic, the earliest decision is listed first followed by each subsequent decision issued during the time period. Each listed decision is briefly described.

If you need this document in an alternate format for a person who is blind or had visual impairments, please contact the Commission for assistance.

Subject Matter Index

Updated CCHR Regulations Now Available

The Chicago Commission on Human Relations has updated the Regulations Implementing the Chicago Human Rights Ordinance, Chicago Fair Housing Ordinance, and Commission on Human Relations Enabling Ordinance.

The last time the Regulations were updated was Summer 2013. This update, effective July 9, 2015, incorporates the most recent changes to the Chicago Human Rights Ordinance, including the recently-added protected categories of "criminal history" and "criminal record" and its implementing regulation. See CCHR Reg. 320.120.

The regulations are organized into five different Parts consisting of: 1) Definitions; 2) Procedural Requirements; 3) Employment Discrimination; 4) Housing Discrimination; and 5) Discrimination in Places of Public Accommodation. To facilitate a review, the Regulations include both a Table of Contents and an Index to help you locate the topic area and then go directly to the pertinent regulation.

If you need this document in an alternate format for a person who is blind or had visual impairments, please contact the Commission for assistance.

Click the link below for a copy of the regulations:

CCHR Regulations

NEW employment discrimination protections based on an applicant's criminal history, starting in 2015

Starting on January 1, 2015, employers with fewer than 15 employees will be prohibited from inquiring into an applicant's criminal history until a specific point in the hiring process. To comply, employers will need to revisit their hiring practices and related materials to remove any questions that prematurely inquire into an applicant's criminal history. To learn more about how this law may impact you and/or your business, please refer to our FAQ's below:

Ban the Box FAQ Sheet

Fair Chance Flyer

Most Recent News (Commission on Human Relations)

Sep 30, 2015 Chicago Public Library Partners with the Chicago Commission on Human Relations to Present a Free Film Screening of Documentary Waking in Oak Creek
Nov 3, 2014 Mayor Emanuel and the Commission on Human Relations Announces Expanded Assistance to Non-English Speaking Victims of Discrimination
Oct 2, 2014 Chicago Commission on Human Relations Welcomes Abel Leon as its New Deputy Commissioner of Adjudication
Feb 5, 2014 City Council Approves Appointments to City of Chicago Boards and Commissions
Nov 26, 2013 City Council Passes New Amendments Introduced by Mayor Emanuel to fight discrimination and Strengthen the Chicago Human Rights Ordinance
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