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How Do Automated Speed Cameras Work?

Automated Speed Cameras

As they approach a automated speed enforcement (ASE) camera detection zone, drivers will see photo enforcement signs indicating the posted speed limit, the safety zone type, the hours of camera operation.

The camera system uses a 3D tracking radar, high-resolution digital camera and high-definition video camera.   The 3D radar identifies any vehicle traveling faster than the posted speed limit and triggers both the camera and the video, which caputure the event.

The first image shows the vehicle driving in excess of the speed limt.  The second image shows the distance and time the vehicle has traveled.  The license plate is taken from a close-up of one of the images.  Addiitonal data collected includes the time, date, posted speed limit, vehicle speed, location, lane and direction of travel.  A high-definition video clip of the event is provided as evidence.