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There are many factors in the environment that affect human health that are found in our homes, the air we breathe, the pools we swim in and more. Our goal is to create healthy and safe environments by reducing environmental hazards that have a negative impact on the health of our City.

We do this by inspecting public swimming pools at parks, hotels and other facilities. We work towards reducing the risk of vector borne diseases by monitoring the local insect and bird populations for evidence of West Nile Virus and other viruses that can cause disease in people; and work to identify, eliminate and/or treat stagnant water and other mosquito breeding grounds.

We work to improve the health and well-being of all Chicagoans by creating safer and healthier homes.  We fight lead poisoning through inspections of homes and other buildings that may be the source of exposed lead.  CDPH also conducts Radon testing in homes to reduce high levels of exposure to Radon.

Alerts (Environmental Health)

High Alert Jun 9, 2016 "Questions About Lead? Get the Facts!"

Most Recent News (Environmental Health)

Jul 8, 2016 CDPH Encourages Residents to Take Precautions Against Mosquitoes & West Nile Virus
Jan 11, 2016 Radon Risks Increase During Winter Months, Get Your Home Tested
Oct 27, 2015 CDPH to Host Lead Awareness Booths for National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week
Sep 2, 2015 City to Spray Insecticide Wednesday to Kill Mosquitoes
Aug 26, 2015 City to Spray Insecticide Wednesday and Thursday to Kill Mosquitoes

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