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HIV/AIDS Online Courses

CDPH, HIV/STI Services Division, Capacity Building Training and Technical Unit developed FREE online courses that are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week (24/7).   Using the LMS (Learning Management System),** you can take STI/HIV/AIDS related courses online, at your convenience.  Online courses include:

STI/HIVAIDS online courses are FREE and open to community partners.  Start your online learning NOW!

Messaging through LMS is available if technical assistance is needed for the above courses only.  Certificate printing will be enabled after course and evaluation completion.  Each of the courses have an exam that must be take to complete the course.  You can revisit the course information at any time, however, you will only have two attempts to complete the exam.     

All you have to do is login and complete your profile. 

**The CDPH LMS is a web-based learning system designed to facilitate the learning and development of not only CDPH employees but also their community partners.  The CDPH LMS is a learning tool that can assist you in managing your learning within CDPH online environment.

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