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In The Works: A Residency and Development Program

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dropshift dance Imposter/Disrupted dropshift dance Imposter/Disrupted

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In the Works is the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events' residency program and gives emerging and established performing artists the opportunity to test-drive new work in a public setting. Each residency is tailored to the needs of the artist or company and their project and takes place in the most suitable DCASE space. Each showing is a unique opportunity for audiences to get a behind-the-scenes look at new work by Chicago artists. To view past In the Works showings, click here.


(schedule is subject to change)

Upcoming Showings


Erica Mott ProductionsErica Mott Productions 3 Singers

3 Singers

In residency February 13, 2014 - TBA in the Chicago Cultural Center Dance Studio

Showing Date: TBA

Showing Time: TBA

RSVP: Reservations are not necessary for this showing.

3 Singers Opera explores the female body’s relationship with machinery in labor, production and policy of the textile industry. In three song cycles, intersections are drawn between labor practices in pre-civil war agriculture, the industrial revolution, and contemporary “sweat shops.” 3 Singers’ choreography is a collage inspired by culturally identifiable folk dances, organic movement of traditional (non-mechanized) labor and industrial labor in relationship to machinery. 3 Singers refers to the three vocal performers as well as their three sewing machines, each modified with Arduino technology to interrupt the performers’ voices and control sampled sound and video in the immersive installation.


dropshift dancedropshift dance Imposter/Disrupted


In residency from March 5–October 3, 2014 in the Chicago Cultural Center Dance Studio, 1st Floor North

Presentation: October 3, 2014, 6:30pm


Imposter/Disrupted is an experimental dance performance which explores the intersections of limitation, structures of power, and the scientific study of movement patterning. This work was developed through an exploration of imposed limitation and structures of power which affect our patterning, development, and output. Observed movement patterns are used as pathways, trajectories, and manipulation tools; ultimately creating filters through which original movement phrase and gesture is distilled in order to further abstract, define, and control the material. The once free form patterning of each dancer is forced to succumb to a structure of power that imposes limit and control forcing accommodation and change.


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