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In The Works: A Residency and Development Program

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Erica Mott Productions 3 Singersclick on image to enlarge

In the Works is the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events' residency program and gives emerging and established performing artists the opportunity to test-drive new work in a public setting. Each residency is tailored to the needs of the artist or company and their project and takes place in the most suitable DCASE space. Each showing is a unique opportunity for audiences to get a behind-the-scenes look at new work by Chicago artists. To view past In the Works showings, click here.


(schedule is subject to change)

Upcoming Showings


Erica Mott ProductionsErica Mott Productions 3 Singers

3 Singers

In residency February 13, 2014 - TBA in the Chicago Cultural Center Dance Studio

Showing Date: TBA

Showing Time: TBA

RSVP: Reservations are not necessary for this showing.

3 Singers Opera explores the female body’s relationship with machinery in labor, production and policy of the textile industry. In three song cycles, intersections are drawn between labor practices in pre-civil war agriculture, the industrial revolution, and contemporary “sweat shops.” 3 Singers’ choreography is a collage inspired by culturally identifiable folk dances, organic movement of traditional (non-mechanized) labor and industrial labor in relationship to machinery. 3 Singers refers to the three vocal performers as well as their three sewing machines, each modified with Arduino technology to interrupt the performers’ voices and control sampled sound and video in the immersive installation.


dropshift dancedropshift dance Imposter/Contained


In residency from March 5–October 3, 2014 in the Chicago Cultural Center Dance Studio, 1st Floor North

Showing Date:

Open Rehearsal: May 30, 2014

Presentation: October 3, 2014

Showing Time:

Open Rehearsal: 5pm

Presentation: 6:30pm


Open Rehearsal:


Imposter/Contained is an experimental dance performance which explores the intersections of limitation, structures of power, and the scientific study of movement patterning. This work was developed through an exploration of imposed limitation and structures of power which affect our patterning, development, and output. Observed movement patterns are used as pathways, trajectories, and manipulation tools; ultimately creating filters through which original movement phrase and gesture is distilled in order to further abstract, define, and control the material. The once free form patterning of each dancer is forced to succumb to a structure of power that imposes limit and control forcing accommodation and change.


The Queen of LuxuriaThe Queen of Luxuria City Alive With Dreams

City Alive With Dreams

In residency March 5–June 30, 2014 in the Chicago Cultural Center Dance Studio, 1st Floor North

Showing Date:

Sound Presentation: June 4, 2014

Presentation: July 20, 2014

City-Wide Presentations: August 8–24, 2014

Showing Time:

Sound Presentation: 12 Noon–1pm in the Chicago Cultural Center’s Claudia Cassidy Theater, 2nd Floor North

Presentation: 2–5pm throughout the Chicago Cultural Center

City-Wide Presentations: 6–8pm in various Chicago neighborhoods


From 2012 to 2013 The Queen of Luxuria interviewed one person a week about their sleep dreams and wrote poetry based on their dreams. In 2014, The Queen is working with the Dream Minds participants to expand the project into public performances throughout the city of Chicago. She is currently working with a composer and choir to vocalize the poetry into a sound piece that will be performed at the Chicago Cultural Center on June 4th. The sound pieces will become part of a whole series of public performances scheduled in different neighborhoods in Chicago from August 8 to 24, which will bring Chicago to life with dreams. For more information visit:


Natalja AicardiNatalja Aicardi

Return to Self: Musical Journey with My Grandfather’s Music, Live Installation and Study of the Process of Integration between Different Art Forms

In residency February 22–June 15, 2014 in the Chicago Cultural Center Dance Studio, 1st Floor North

Showing Date: June 14, 15, 2014

Showing Time: June 14 at 6:30pm, June 15 at 2pm

RSVP Info: Reservations are not necessary for this showing.

First it was a dream.

The dream guided her to her grandfather’s music.

The music became words on paper.

The words turned into recordings of her voice and sketches.

The sketches asked for a dramatic space to live in and the voice called for a body to live the dream.

In this first physical iteration of her dream Natalja Aicardi delves deeply into her musical-in-development, deconstructing and reconstructing songs to create a physical score and to explore her interdisciplinary process of cross-pollination between different disciplines. Out of a live installation documenting the process, music and movement will arise.


terraNOVA Collective, Juan Villa

Don Chipotle

In residency February 21-June 23, 2014 in the Chicago Cultural Center Studio Theater, 1st Floor North

Showing Date: June 22 & 23, 2014

Showing Time: June 22 at 2pm, June 23 at 6:30pm


DON CHIPOTLE is inspired by the classic story of Don Quixote and Juan Villa's experience growing up in an immensely violent environment of the Lower East Side of New York City. The tragedy is not that of an old man who, while going senile exudes the spirit of an uninhibited child, but that of a child who has his childhood hijacked from him, forcing him to grow up too fast. This is a magical adventure story, where, through the eyes and brave action of a child, the audience crosses the vast metropolis of Manhattan to see the world put to right.


Hearts and BrainsHearts and Brains Gashlycrumb Orphanage

Gashlycrumb Orphanage

In residency April 1–July 2014 in the Chicago Cultural Center Studio Theater, 1st Floor North

Showing Date: July 24, 25 & 26, 2014

Showing Time: July 24 & 25 at 6:30pm, July 26 at 2pm


Tim Burton meets Edward Gorey in this immersive theatrical experience where the orphans are running the orphanage.

Rowena and Thaddeus, the two eldest orphans, have taken over as lords of misrule after the mysterious and sudden disappearance of headmistress Mrs. Gintz. As we, the audience-cum-orphans learn, Mrs. Gintz has lied to us about our given names and respectable origins. Are we pleasant Midwestern theater-goers, or are we truly gypsy nobility, raised by bears? Are we sure?

Gashlycrumb Orphanage examines identity and origin through a range of storytelling styles, including dance, toy theater, and original music.


Krissy VanderwarkerKrissy Vanderwarker

Ghost Army

In residency March 22–May 4, 2014 in the Chicago Cultural Center Studio Theater, 1st Floor North

Showing Date: May 2 & 4, 2014

Showing Time: May 2 at 6:30pm, May 4 at 2pm

RSVP Info: Must RSVP at least 24 hours prior to the showing you would like to attend. Must have and be willing to use your own smart phone & headphones for the presentation.

Ghost Army is a city-wide adventure. Participate in head-to-head competitions. The prize is seeing your city in a new light and honing your skills as a member of the Ghost Army. Ghost Army was founded as an elite unit of artist working to deceive the Germans on the frontlines of World War II. This tradition is still alive and well today. We are artists working towards the protection and proliferation of the founding forgotten principles of the United States- freedom to live a full life, the pursuit of whatever makes us happy even if it doesn’t make us money and the assurance that we aren't all out there alone.

Ghost Army was developed, in part, with the support of the Orchard Project, a program of The Exchange.



WildClaw Presents: A Taste of Terror

In residency June 28–August 31, 2014 in the Chicago Cultural Center Studio Theater, 1st Floor North

Showing Date: August 9, 2014

Showing Time: 6:30pm

RSVP Info:

WildClaw Theatre, dedicated to bringing the world of horror to the Chicago stage, presents an evening of short scenes of original and adapted plays for upcoming seasons by the finest local playwrights and directors. Indulge in a decadent sampling of suspense and terror from a range of spooky genres and theatrical styles. Come be a part of our creative process by giving feedback on what you have seen and be the first to experience all that WildClaw has in store for the future.


Marty McConnell

Project Title: TBA

In residency July 12–August 24, 2014 in the Storefront Theater, 66 E. Randolph St.

Showing Date: August 23, 2014

Showing Time: 2pm



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