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Ragamala 2014 Flyer

Ragamala 2014 Flyer

Ragamala and Millennium Park Concerts 2014 Flyer

Ragamala and Millennium Park Concerts 2014 Flyer


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World Music Festival Chicago 2014

World Music Festival Chicago 2014 is presented by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events.

World Music Festival - Ragamala: A Celebration of Indian Classical Music

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For the 2nd year, spanning 12 hours and featuring dozens of performers, Ragamala offers a jaw-dropping assortment of Indian classical music from some of its greatest and emerging practitioners. Ragamala functions as the perfect, immersive introduction to the classical music of India. Not only are both the music of the north (Hindustani) and the south (Carnatic) represented, but listeners will also get the rare chance to hear ragas performed at the time of day they were originally composed for—a facet of the tradition lost in the west.


(schedule is subject to change)

Friday, September 12, 2014



Chicago Cultural Center, Preston Bradley Hall

78 E. Washington St., 3rd Floor


 Co-curated by the Kalapriya Center for Indian Performing Arts