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Oct 8, 2014 Financial Measures Will Support Two School Improvement Projects


Oct 8, 2014 New Projects Will Create More than 275 Units of Affordable Housing


Oct 8, 2014 New South Side TIF District Will Support Housing Rehabilitation, Stabilization, and Public Works


Oct 8, 2014 Property Tax Incentives Will Support Three Commercial and Industrial Projects


Oct 8, 2014 Rare Pair of Buildings Approved for Landmark Status


Oct 8, 2014 TIF Approved for Advanced Manufacturing Hub


Oct 8, 2014 TIF Will Support North Lawndale Hospital Improvements


Oct 8, 2014 Vacant Buildings Approved for Redevelopment as Affordable Housing


Oct 8, 2014 Land Swap Approved for Unused Rail Line


Oct 8, 2014 Mayor Emanuel Introduces Proposal to Approve 320 ‘Large Lot’ Land Sales in Englewood for $1 Each


Sep 10, 2014 Historic Strand Hotel Approved for Conversion into Affordable Apartments


Sep 10, 2014 Five Open Space Projects Approved for South and North Sides


Sep 10, 2014 Land Sales Will Support Development of Vacant, New Residential Properties


Sep 10, 2014 Landmark District Approved on Northwestern University's Chicago Campus


Sep 10, 2014 Property Tax Incentive Will Enable Loop Hotel Conversion


Sep 10, 2014 Renovation Plan Approved for Family and Artist Housing on South Side


Sep 10, 2014 Senior, Supportive Housing Developments Approved for the Northwest Side


Sep 10, 2014 Property Tax Incentive Approved for Southwest Side Data Center


Sep 10, 2014 TIF Assistance Approved for Beverly Restaurant and Retail Building


Jul 30, 2014 More than 120 Senior Apartments Approved for Three South Side Communities