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Feb 5, 2014 Property Tax Incentive Will Support South Side Commercial Project


Feb 5, 2014 Building Rehabilitation Program Approved for Two Additional TIF Districts


Feb 5, 2014 Community Garden Projects Approved for Two Chicago Neighborhoods


Feb 5, 2014 Land Sale Will Support Development of West Side Farm


Jan 15, 2014 TIF Approved for New Hyde Park Mixed-Use Project


Jan 15, 2014 Tax Incentive to Enable Rehab of Boul Mich Landmark


Jan 15, 2014 Woodlawn Affordable Housing Project to Enter Third Phase


Jan 15, 2014 Park and School Garden Projects Planned for West, North Sides


Dec 13, 2013 Ridge Fire Station to be Reborn as Film Production and Screening Center


Dec 11, 2013 Home Repair Grants Approved for Southeast Side


Dec 11, 2013 Property Tax Incentive Approved for West Side Warehouse


Dec 11, 2013 Publisher's Home Becomes City's Newest Designated Landmark


Dec 11, 2013 Skin Care Company To Expand On Near West Side


Dec 11, 2013 Humboldt Park Supportive Housing Development Moves Forward


Dec 11, 2013 Plan Approved To Terminate South Side TIF District


Dec 11, 2013 TIF Will Fund Renovation of Historic Quincy Street Station


Nov 26, 2013 Zoning Regulations Proposed For Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, Cultivation Centers


Nov 26, 2013 Amendment Will Add 12 Years to Michigan/Cermak TIF District


Nov 26, 2013 TIF Approved For North Lawndale Athletic Field


Nov 13, 2013 Former Beverly Firehouse To Be Sold to Men’s Hat Maker