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Affordable Requirements Ordinance

The City of Chicago's Affordable Requirements Ordinance requires residential developments that receive city financial assistance or involve city-owned land to provide a percentage of units at affordable prices. The ordinance applies to residential developments of 10 or more units and requires that developers provide 10 percent of their units at affordable prices. The ordinance also applies if:

  • A zoning change is granted that increases project density or allows a residential use not previously allowed
  • The development is a "planned development" within the downtown area

Income Limits
For-sale units produced through the Affordable Requirements Ordinance must be affordable to households at or below 100 percent of Area Median Income (AMI). Rental units must be affordable to households earning up to 60 percent of AMI. The Maximum Affordable Monthly Rents are available here.

Long-term Affordability
Units built under the Affordable Requirements Ordinance are required to remain affordable over time. Some units will have recapture mortgages to regulate the long-term affordability. At the time of purchase, the City records a 30-year lien for the difference between the unit's market price and its affordable price. Other units will be targeted for the Chicago Community Land Trust (CCLT). These units will have a 99-year restrictive covenant with a maximum resale price. The maximum resale price will be the original purchase price plus a percentage of the market appreciation, and in most cases will be a below market price.

For more information please call: 312.744.6746

See a list of available properties made available through the ordinance and through other city programs.


Current ARO (effective for projects that are submitted* before October 13, 2015 and receive City Council approval by July 13, 2016)

More Information:

ARO Fact Sheet
Developer's Guide to ARO
2007 Ordinance (Chapter 2-45-110)


Affordable Housing Profile Form- Rental
Affordable Housing Profile Form- For Sale
ARO Exemption Form
ARO Rental Unit Marketing Form
Pricing Guide


2015 ARO (effective for projects that are submitted* on or after October 13, 2015)

City Council approved updates to the ARO on March 18, 2015. The updates were published in the Journal of Council Proceedings on April 15, 2015, and can be downloaded here.

A one-page summary of the updates is available here

2015 ARO Zone Map

2015 ARO Rules

2015 ARO For-Sale Unit Marketing Form

2015 ARO Rental Unit Marketing Form

2015 ARO FAQs


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*"Submitted" means (i) with respect to an application for zoning approval or the sale of city land, an ordinance authorizing the rezoning or city land sale has been introduced to City Council; or (ii) with respect to financial assistance, a complete application has been received and accepted by DPD.