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Pullman Firehouse

Front view of brick building with green tree framing the exterior601-627 E. 108th

Constructed in the mid-1890s, this firehouse is 2-stories tall and has a distinctive tower originally used to dry hoses.  The firehouse is located in the northern portion of the Pullman landmark district, the first planned industrial town in the country of which all of the buidlings were designed by Solon S. Beman.  The fire station was home to Engine Company 80 and has been vacant for over fifty years.  An arched limestone pediment surrounds the main garage door facing 108th Street and the 4-story tower has brick and terra cotta detailing reminiscent of a fluted column.  A large mixed-use development called Pullman Park, which includes a Walmart, is planned nearby and will be completed in phases over the next 10 years. The Walmart is scheduled to open in summer 2013.

  • Zoning: M1-1
  • Approximate Lot Size: 90' x 125'
  • Approximate Building Area: 3,500 sf
  • North Pullman TIF 
  • Condition: Building requires complete rehabilitation.  A condition assessment was completed in December 2011. Roof and exterior wall stabilization completed in 2012.
  • Ward: 9
  • PIN: 25-15-406-049-0000
  • Chicago Landmark

  • For more information call:

HED's Real Estate Division at 312.744.2777

full frontal view of brick two story italianete-style building in englewood 
stairway brown hardwood 
interior doorway with hardwood flooring

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