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Enterprise Zone Program

Enterprise Zone Incentives - Referral List

Tax Exemptions:

Sales Tax Exemption Certificate
Essie Banks 312.744.7076

Machinery & Equipment Sales Tax Exemption/Utility and Telecommunications Excise Tax Exemption
Illinois Department of Revenue - - 800.732.8866

If you are interested in employee State Tax Credits contact:
Kendalynn Jackson, Enterprise Zone Manager, Illinois Business Development Office
Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity

Local Incentives:

Real Estate Transfer Tax - Contact the City of Chicago, Department of Revenue - Customer Service at 312.747.4747 for questions regarding the Transfer Tax Exemption prior to closing.
Real Estate Transfer Tax Exemption Homestead Program – Not available in Chicago
Shopstead Program – Not available in Chicago
Waiver of building and licensing fees – Not available in Chicago

Tax Credits:

EZ Investment Tax Credit
IL Dept. of Revenue - - Form #1299-A – 800.732.8866

Income Tax Deductions:

Dividend Income Deduction
Individuals, corporations, trusts, and estates are not taxed on dividend income received from corporations doing substantially all of their business in an EZ.

Interest Deductions
Financial institutions are not taxed on interest earned from loans made to companies for development in a zone. The loans must be made for property, which qualifies for the EZ investment tax credit.

Contribution Deduction
Businesses may deduct, from taxable income, double the value of a cash or in-kind contribution to an approved DZO. An application is required to be submitted to DCEO for approval on the DZO as well as the proposed project.

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