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Procurement Services complies with the rules, regulations and ordinances set by federal, state and local government.  Vendors must also comply. The following information details these requirements and non-compliance information.


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Rules and Regulations

Contract Administration

Bid Protest Rules

Vendor Communication Contractors Minimum Wage

Executive Order 2014-1 Minimum Wage

Minimum Wage Regulations

Complaint for Violation of Minimum Wage or Base Wage

Clean Diesel Contracting Regulations

Clean Fleet Annual Waiver Certification Application

Standard Terms and Conditions for Contracts Relating to NATO Summit

NATO Summit Contract Policies and Requests

Chicago Living Wage Ordinance

City of Chicago Debarment Rules

Supplemental Rules for Contested Debarment Hearings

Executive Order 2011-4 Ethical Conduct

Regulations for Resolution of Disputes between Contractors and the City of Chicago

Solicitations and Contracting Process Protest Procedures

Task Order, Order, and Amendment Procedures for Hardware, Software and Technology Services Master Agreements

Product or Service Trials, Testing, and other No-Cost City Uses


Chicago & Cook County Reciprocal Certification Regulations

Phased Graduation Ordinance

Good Faith Efforts Regarding MBE/WBE/DBE Goals

MBE/WBE/BEPD Rules and Regulations - Non Construction

MBE/WBE/BEPD Rules and Regulations - Construction

Programs and Incentives

Alternatively Powered Vehicle Ordinance

Apprentice Utilization Bid Preference

Diversity Credit Program

Affidavit for Diversity Credit Program

Local Business Manufacturing Ordinance

Mentor Protege Program

Project Area Resident Ordinance

Small Business Initiative

Veteran's/Small Business Bid Incentive



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