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EZ Dec - Real Property Transfer Tax

What is EZ Dec?

EZ Dec is a website where attorneys, title companies and individuals can file real property transfer tax declarations online.

EZ Dec will initially be implemented for Chicago and Cook County property transactions, and will replace the following real property transfer forms:

City of Chicago form 7551 – Real Property Transfer Tax Declaration Cook County Real Property Transfer Declaration State of Illinois – PTAX 203, 203A and 203B

EZ Dec will also replace stamp machines used by title companies to purchase and print transfer stamps.

The EZ Dec project is sponsored and funded by the City of Chicago, Cook County and State of Illinois.  It was created with the goal of improving Illinois’ real-property transaction processes and providing a thoughtful use of taxpayer dollars.

Paper-based Real Property Transfer Tax Declaration forms for the City of Chicago, Cook County and State of Illinois are being replaced by the EZ Dec website.  On this site, sellers, attorneys and title companies will prepare a single, online declaration for closing.  

After closing, declarations can still be reviewed by licensed title companies, Chicago City Hall or any Cook County Recorder's office.  However, Transfer Tax Stamps can only be purchased at City Hall or The County Building downtown if not being purchased from an authorized licensed title company.  The recording process does not change.


The EZ Dec Process:

The steps to complete a Real Property Transfer Declaration in EZ Dec include:

1. Register in EZ Dec

2. Create a Declaration and Submit it for Closing

3. Accept a Declaration

4. Close

5. Review, Stamp Purchase and Recording

To obtain a copy of EZ Dec Helpful Points please click on the following link:

EZ Dec Helpful Points

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