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MyDec - Real Property Transfer Tax

What is MyDec?

MyDec at is a new electronic system for handling Real Property Transfer Tax transactions.

What are the benefits of using MyDec to submit declarations?

MyDec has the following features that make submitting declarations easier.

• Your declaration will advance through the approval stages of the recording process.

• PIN information will be validated against county assessor data immediately.

• The calculation fields on declarations will compute automatically, which reduces math errors.

• Declarations can be saved and edited at a later time before they are submitted.

• Prints stamps for the exact dollar amount of each transaction at your office.

• There are helpful tips available for many of the lines where common mistakes are made. These tips can be viewed or hidden by clicking on the blue help icon next to the lines.

• Fields that contain errors are displayed in red, providing a clear indication where changes must be made before the declaration is submitted.

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