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Water/Sewer Full Payment Certificate

A Full Payment Certificate (“FPC”) is a certificate issued by the Department of Finance indicating that all water and sewer charges and penalties that accrued to a water account are paid in full or otherwise not transferable to the subsequent owner. The FPC application serves as a request to the Department of Finance to transfer service out of the transferor’s name and into the transferee’s name. Without a FPC, the parties will not be able to obtain the City of Chicago Real Property Transfer Tax stamps required to record the property deed with the Cook County Recorder of Deeds.

Unless otherwise provided by law or rule, a FPC is required in all transfers of real property whether such transfers are subject to or exempt from the City of Chicago Real Property Transfer Tax.

FPC Application

In order to obtain a FPC, an application with an application fee of $50.00 shall be made to the Department of Finance. Provided, however, if the property is exempt from the Real Property Transfer Tax, the FPC application fee shall not be charged. If a FPC certificate was required and such certificate was not obtained when the real property was transferred, both the transferor and the transferee will be jointly and severally liable for any outstanding water or sewer charges and penalties that have accrued to the water account.

To obtain a FPC, you must complete an application. Applications are also available in person at 333 S. State St., 330. Applications must be completed in their entirety, including any required supporting documents. Incomplete applications will not be accepted for processing.  Completed applications are accepted in-person or by email to

FPC Processing

  • Non-Metered Customers - The Department of Finance will review the account and determine the final bill amount. The amount of the final bill, plus a $50 application fee if applicable, must be paid prior to the issuance of the FPC.
  •  Metered Customers - The Department of Finance will review the account and determine the final bill amount.  If the meter has not been read within 60 days of the date of the FPC application, a final meter reading is required.  A final reading is also required for properties with Remote Meter Readouts.  The Department of Water Management will contact you to schedule a final meter reading.

The FPC must be presented at closing. To ensure you are prepared for your closing, please allow at least ten (10) business days for completion of all FPCs.

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