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Credit Card and Employee Reimbursement Review

The City of Chicago implemented a new City-wide Reimbursement Policy aimed at increasing accountability and efficiency across city government and protecting taxpayer money. Following Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s order for a comprehensive review of the City’s reimbursement and credit card policies, Comptroller Amer Ahmad issued a report and new policy to department and agency leadership.

The new policy:

  • Completely eliminates petty cash funds;
  • Strictly outlines and limits permissible reimbursements;
  • Decreases the number of city credit cards from over 500 to 30, while imposing strict regulations and limits on acceptable charges;
  • Requires all reimbursements be posted online;
  • Replaces flawed and unclear department policies that allowed unnecessary and costly charges and reimbursements, as well as mismanagement of petty cash funds;