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August 1, 2012

Chicagoans Are Reminded of Traffic Impacts and Public Safety During Lollapalooza

Be Prepared for Large Crowds, Additional Street Closures in the Area, Weather Conditions

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Chicago – The Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC) advises concert-attendees to be safe and prepared while attending Lollapalooza in Grant Park this weekend and urges the public to be aware of traffic disruptions and increased crowds in the area.

“As music fans enjoy the festivities this weekend, it is important that they stay hydrated and take steps to remain cool to prevent heat-related illness,” said Gary W. Schenkel, OEMC Executive Director. “As it does for every large-scale event, our operations center will monitor the festival to ensure the safety of the public. In the unlikely event of a public emergency, OEMC has the authority to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure the safety of attendees and residents.”

Public Safety and Security: With an expected crowd of 100,000 each day, OEMC advises those attending the concerts to be prepared for crowds, weather conditions and security measures put in place for public safety.

Weather Conditions: At this point, the National Weather Service is forecasting temperatures in the mid to upper 80’s and 90’s for the weekend; however, attendees should dress accordingly to avoid heat-related emergencies. Cooling buses and water stations are available throughout the Lollapalooza footprint and fans are allowed to bring up to two factory-sealed water bottles (one liter in size) to the event to avoid dehydration.

Weather Shelters: With this weekend’s forecast including a chance of thunderstorms, OEMC reminds the public of the visible public blue and white signage installed to direct people to designated extreme weather shelters during severe weather conditions, such as heavy to torrential rain, high wind, lightning, hail storms and tornadoes.

There are three (3) primary emergency evacuation shelter sites in the event of severe weather:

1. Grant Park North Garage – enter through vehicle entrance on Michigan Avenue

2. Grant Park South Garage – enter through vehicle entrance on Michigan Avenue

3. East Monroe Street Garage – enter through vehicle entrance on Michigan Avenue

Avoid heat-related emergencies: The Chicago Department of Public Health continues to encourage all residents to take extra precautions to avoid heat-related illness, such as heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

  • If you do go outside, wear loose, lightly-colored clothing and wear a hat with a brim;
  • Drink plenty of water--at least eight glasses a day;
  • Get into an air-conditioned space or a cooler part of the house, like a basement;
  • Take cool baths or showers; use cool towels and washcloths to cool the skin;
  • Slow down, avoid or minimize physical exertion; and
  • Don't leave any person or pet in a parked car, even for a few minutes;
  • Individuals who choose to participate in outdoor activities should drink plenty of water and take the precautions listed above to reduce the risk of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Additional tips during Lollapalooza include:

  • Visit a complimentary cooling bus to take a break from the heat.
  • Know where and how to access medical attention if needed.
  • The Chicago Park District has installed temporary water fountain units throughout the event.
  • Misting fans will be set up through the venue to provide cooling during high temperatures.
  • Pay close attention to any public safety announcement that will be broadcast via the outdoor Public Address system and stage speakers located throughout the event.

Street Closures: Lollapalooza runs from August 3rd to August 5th. Some street closures around Grant Park are already in place; however, additional closures should be expected through August 9th.


Dates Street From To
July 23 – August 9 Balbo Lake Shore Drive Columbus
July 25 – August 8 Jackson Lake Shore Drive Columbus
August 1 – August 6 Balbo Columbus Michigan
August 1 – August 6 Jackson Columbus Michigan
August 1 – August 6 Congress Parkway Columbus Michigan
August 1 – August 6 Columbus Monroe Roosevelt


Public Transportation: Public transportation is encouraged. CTA and Metra provide additional service for the event. Please visit the CTA website for details at or call 1.888.YOUR.CTA.

OEMC Traffic and Weather Notifications: Sign up for free real-time traffic and weather alerts at

For more information on Lollapalooza, visit


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