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Sanitation and Waste Reduction (Garbage, Street Sweeping, Recycling, and Zero Waste)

Recycle by City CHICAGO

 Recycle by City CHICAGO


The Bureau of Sanitation implements waste management programs for business and residents. Specific activities include:


  • Collecting residential garbage;

  • Operating the City’s Blue Cart Recycling Program;

  • Providing technical assistance and support for the City’s recycling initiatives;

  • Providing assistance for the development of city-wide waste reduction and management programs and policies; and

  • Coordinating street sweeping efforts for city main streets and side streets.


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Recycle by City CHICAGO


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Street Sweeping



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Zero Waste

Zero Waste

Most Recent News (Sanitation and Waste Reduction (Garbage, Street Sweeping, Recycling, and Zero Waste))

Dec 10, 2015 Chicago Unveils New Educational Website Designed to Help Make Recycling Easy
Nov 16, 2015 City Of Chicago Asks Residents to Go Bagless When Recycling In Blue Carts
Oct 19, 2015 Department Of Streets and Sanitation To Coordinate Bagged Leaf Collection This Fall
Sep 8, 2015 Mayor Emanuel Announces An Additional $10M In Grid Garbage Effiencies
Mar 20, 2015 Mayor Emanuel Starts Street Sweeping Early To Clean Up Chicago's Neighborhoods From Winter Debris

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 Recycle by City CHIAGO

Recycle by City CHICAGO


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