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Get the 2012 Water Quality Report

Dear Chicago Water Customer,

I am pleased to provide you with the City of Chicago’s annual Water Quality Report. This report meets an obligation to report on the quality of our drinking water, but it also gives us an opportunity to report on what it takes to get that water to you.

In the past year, we met our ambitious goal of installing 70 miles of new water main, replacing pipes that served us well, but had passed their life expectancy of 100 years. This effort continues with a goal of 75 miles this year. No other city is pursuing a more significant renewal of infrastructure; we are spending billions of dollars and creating tens of thousands of jobs while we revitalize our water system that serves nearly 43% of the State of Illinois.

This report is full of useful information that will help you manage your water consumption, improve your efficiency, and protect your family and your neighbors from flooding and other risks. I hope that you look it over carefully and find value from it.

On behalf of all Chicagoans, I will continue my commitment to revitalizing the city’s infrastructure and ensuring that Chicago is a world-class city built on a world-class foundation.


Rahm Emanuel