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City Services

Performance Metrics

To make city government more accountable and responsive to the residents of Chicago, the City is making agency performance data available to the public.These metrics will serve as a public report card to ensure all City employees are held to a high standard. In addition, they will provide information about service delivery, administrative efficiency, and ethical standards. In the coming months, we will release more data to complete a full dashboard of performance metrics. 

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311 Call Center

For 311 to be effective for residents and business owners, representatives must respond to calls quickly and accurately.

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Service Delivery

When Chicagoans make requests to the City online or over the phone, they expect quick and efficient delivery of services.

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Licenses & Permits

To foster business growth, the City must ensure that licenses are issued reliably and efficiently.


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To make best use of available funds, the City must manage its finances expediently and responsibly.



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City administration can only enhance delivery of services through effective management of employees, facilities, equipment and systems.

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Maintaining ethical standards of City of Chicago employees and business partners is vital to the effectiveness and integrity of City government.

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Health & Human Services

The City provides health programs and human services designed to enhance the lives of residents, particularly the most vulnerable, from children to seniors.


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Housing & Development

The City promotes community development, small business growth, and access to affordable housing.




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Education & Libraries

The success of our students in CPS and City Colleges of Chicago is essential to the long-term health and strength of our city.



The City works to ensure that residents have access to health programs and facilities, that they receive immunizations and screenings, and that complaints are speedily resolved.