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Visit the Small Business Center website, for information on licenses, permits, and additional resources.

Visit the Small Business Center website, for information on licenses, permits, and additional resources.

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There are close to 100,000 different businesses licensed in the City of Chicago as diverse as retail or grocery stores, bars, restaurants, public vehicles, taxicabs, manufacturing and industrial plants.  The City provides the business community business guides and information about the laws you need to comply with through online tools, free workshops and one-on-one counseling.

Understanding the rules of the road is key to operating a business responsibly.  Thousands of businesses and public vehicles are inspected to ensure compliance with City laws and regulations.

Alerts (Existing Businesses)

Severe Alert Jan 15, 2015 Looking for a Small Business Loan – The City of Chicago Can Help
Severe Alert Jan 14, 2015 New Third Party/Expediter Database Helps Businesses Research and Report Violations by Expediters, Attorneys, and Other Third Party Processors
Severe Alert Dec 11, 2014 Taxi Driver Fairness Ordinance
Severe Alert Oct 29, 2014 How can our Small Business Expos across the city better support small business owners and entrepreneurs?
Severe Alert Oct 24, 2014 Know Your Local Business Development Centers

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Dec 30,2014 City of Chicago Partners With Intuit Quickbooks to Offer Free Quickbooks Online Subscriptions at its Workshops
Dec 04,2014 City of Chicago Provided 2500 Entrepreneurs Free Business Workshops
Oct 30,2014 City of Chicago Launches Capital Access Center Pilot Program to Help Small Businesses Access Loans Up to $250,000
Oct 09,2014 City of Chicago Investigators Crackdown on 165 Businesses In 60 Days For Tobacco Violations
Oct 08,2014 Free 'Solution Station Small Business Expo’ at City Hall to Help Budding Entrepreneurs Launch Their Businesses

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