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Environment and Sustainability

"I want Chicago to be the greenest city in the world, and I am committed to fostering opportunities for Chicagoans to make sustainability a part of their lives and their experience in the city." -- Mayor Emanuel

The City of Chicago is a leader of innovative environmental initiatives, and sustainability is a key focus of Chicago’s policies.  From the Chicago Climate Action Plan's broad leadership to the City's targeted energy efficiency investments, Chicago is integrating sustainability in the places residents work, live, learn, and play while preparing for a resilient future.

Creating a green, sustainable city requires hard work, cooperation and a commitment from local government as well as every individual, business and institution in the city. Learn more about what the City is doing and what you can do by exploring the links below, by signing up for the monthly Chicago Sustainability E-News and by following us on Twitter.

Sustainable Chicago 2015 Plan and Six Month Update

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Want to help? Volunteer!

Help make a difference with the City of Chicago's environmental volunteers opportunities:

Chicago Conservation Corps (teachers, students and adult residents 18+) Participate in environmental leadership trainings, instruct afterschool clubs (teachers only), and organize environmental projects in your community.

Recycling Block Captains (adult residents 18+ with Blue Cart Recycling) Learn about recycling services in Chicago and share the information and news with your neighbors and broader community.

Chicago Center for Green Technology (adult residents 18+) Network with local green professionals, give guided tours of the LEED® Platinum building to students and professional groups, and assist visitors in researching local green issues and products.

Most Recent News (Environment and Sustainability)

Mar 20,2015 Mayor Emanuel Starts Street Sweeping Early To Clean Up Chicago's Neighborhoods From Winter Debris
Feb 27,2015 CDOT Public Way Permit & Digger Modernization Project Underway
Aug 05,2014 Mayor Emanuel, DSS Announce 'Pitch in Chicago' Community Clean Up
May 01,2014 The long winter comes to an end and Chicago Farmers Markets begin with an official opening at Daley Plaza on May 15
Apr 04,2014 Chicago Bike Week to Promote Cycling June 13-20 as part of Bike Chicago 2014

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