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With Retrofit Chicago, going green is easier than you think and will make your home more comfortable, lower your utility bills and increase your home value. We can help you find a trusted contractor who will conduct a comprehensive energy assessment to identify how your home uses and wastes energy while pinpointing the most cost-effective improvements. We can also connect you with free energy saving items, including programmable thermostats and showerheads, and rebates on qualifying air conditioners, furnaces and other large appliances.

Call 855-9-IMPACT or fill out one of the applications below to get started:

Retrofit Chicago, in partnership with Elevate Energy, Midwest Real Estate Data LLC (MRED) and others, is also helping homebuyers make more informed purchasing decisions. Last year Chicago became the first municipality in the nation to disclose residential energy costs when a home is listed for sale via the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The energy cost disclosure reports display annual and monthly gas and electric costs and help homebuyers make smart comparisons about the total cost of home ownership. Potential homebuyers should talk to their Realtors® to see this information online on MRED’s connectMLS site.



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