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Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

The State of Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) guarantees access to records and documents maintained by government.  FOIA legislation began January 1, 2010, strengthening the State’s FOIA requirements and making it easier for individuals to gain access to government information.


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Budget and Financial Information

Important City of Chicago budget information, such as annual operating and grant budgets, debt service schedules, and TIF districts are available online.

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Building and Land Information

The City of Chicago Department of Planning and Development have made important building and land use ordinances and plans easier to access by posting them online.

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Business Information

To promote and ensure a fair and vibrant marketplace for businesses and consumers, the City of Chicago has made key business information easily accessible to the public.

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Ethics and Hiring Information

The City is dedicated to maintaining fair, equitable and transparent hiring practices as well as enforcing governmental ethics ordinances to regulate the behavior of City employees, elected officials, appointed officials, lobbyists, vendors, and others.

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Payment and Procurement Information

The City of Chicago is dedicated to an open, fair, and timely process for procuring goods and services.  To support this effort, bid opportunities, current and past City contracts, and other financial and procurement information is available online.

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Minutes and Agendas

The City Council Journal of Proceedings as well as other commission and board meeting minutes and agendas are available online.


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Public Safety Information

Crime and traffic violations statistics and reports are easily accessible to the public.

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Performance Metrics

In an effort to make city government more accountable and responsive to the residents of Chicago, the City is making agency performance data available to the public.

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Data Portal

The City is making downloadable, machine-readable data available to promote better access to government information and encourage the development of new and innovative applications.


Alerts (Transparency)

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May 25,2016 Government Procurement Compliance Forum Host 2016 Vendor Fair
Aug 28,2014 Mayor Emanuel Launches Next Phase of Open 311
Mar 28,2012 City of Chicago Wins National Transparency Award
Jan 18,2012 City of Chicago's Bicycling Ambassadors Job Opportunities
Jun 21,2011 A Guide to Dealing with Lobbyists or Being Lobbied

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