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Chapter 9. The Administrative Hearing Process.


9.1          Calling the Case.

The administrative law officer shall call the case name and number, place the litigants and witnesses under oath, and dispose of any preliminary matters.

9.2          Presentation of the Petitioner’s Case.

The City bears the responsibility for presenting its case.  It also bears the burden of proof in the matter and therefore must proceed first.  In general, the case may be presented via a City representative, live sworn testimony and/or by sworn signed prima facie documentation.  The City may seek leave to make technical amendments to its pleadings prior to a final determination being made by an administrative law officer.  The respondent may cross-examine any in-person testifying witness.  Upon conclusion of the petitioner’s case, an administrative law officer will determine whether the petitioner has alleged sufficient evidence for the case to move forward.

9.3          Presentation of the Respondent’s Case and Defenses.

In the event that the case moves forward, the respondent or his or her representative shall be asked to enter a plea of “liable” or “not liable.”

The respondent shall be afforded an opportunity to present a case, contest the allegations, and/or present defenses.  The defenses available to the respondent and the manner in which they may be presented are governed by the ordinance particular to the subject matter or violation in question.  In general, evidence may be presented via sworn affidavit, live sworn testimony, admissible documents, admissible exhibits or other admissible evidence.

9.4          Closing Arguments.

Each party may be afforded an opportunity to make a closing argument.

9.5          Ruling.

At the conclusion of the hearing, the administrative law officer shall make a determination on the basis of the admissible evidence, testimony and arguments presented and enter a written order in the matter.

9.6         Mail-in Adjudication

Pursuant to Section 2-14-072 of the Municipal Code of Chicago, a recipient of an administrative notice of violation issued by the City of Chicago for the below listed sections of the Municipal Code of Chicago shall have the option to plead liable and tender the fine amount by mail, as indicated on the administrative notice of violation, in lieu of personal appearance at the scheduled hearing date.  Such payment shall constitute respondent’s waiver of the hearing. This rule is limited to the following sections of;

            -the Municipal Code of Chicago:

                        7-24-099(a)         8-4-056(b)

                        8-4-030                8-4-081(a)

                        9-52-020              9-76-230(a)

                        9-80-200(b)         10-8-310

                        10-8-410              10-8-520


            -the Municipal Code of Chicago / the Chicago Transit Authority Code:

                       10-8-526 / 98-126 #2.4

                       10-8-526 / 98-126 #2.8

                       10-8-526 / 98-126 #2.11

                       10-8-526 / 98-126 #2.14(c)

             -the Municipal Code of Chicago / the Chicago Park District Code:

                        10-36-185 / VII-B.2

                        10-36-185 / VII-B.7

                        10-36-185 / VII-B.10.a

                        10-36-185 / VII-C.3.a (9)

             -the Municipal Code of Chicago / Chicago Harbors:


                        10-40-261(a)(1) through (a)(8) except (a)(3)

             -the Municipal Code of Chicago / Food Establishments:

                        7-38-012(a) (Serious)  7-38-020 (Critical)

                        7-38-020 (Serious)      7-38-030 (Critical)

                        7-38-030 (Serious)      7-38-005(a) (Critical)

                        7-38-005(a) (Serious)  7-38-005(b) (Critical) 

                        7-38-010(a) (Critical)  7-38-010(b) (Critical) 

                        7-42-090 (Critical)      7-42-090 (Serious)     

                        7-42-010(b) (Serious)

             -the Municipal Code of Chicago / Health Nuisances:

                        7-28-070          7-28-080

                        7-28-120(a)     7-28-260(a)

                        7-28-261(b)     7-28-270

                        7-28-331          7-28-710

                        7-28-720          7-28-750 (a) and (b)

             -the Municipal Code of Chicago / Licenses, Public Vehicles and Chauffeurs


                        9-112-650 Rule TX4.02

                        9-112-650 Rule TX4.07

                        9-112-650 Rule TX5.01

                        9-112-650 Rule TX5.05

(Amended November 8, 2011;August 17, 2012; July 12, 2013 and October 29, 2013)