Taxicab And Medallion Information

Visit the City of Chicago Data Portal for all Public Passenger Vehicle licenses.

Taxi Medallion License Holder Rules Eff 09012018

How to Search for License Information on the Data Portal

New January 1, 2018 Laws Summary

2018 Management Ordinance (Taxi Reform Amendments)

2019 Taxicab Medallion License Renewal Instruction & Checklist

2019 Taxicab Medallion License Renewal Scheduled Appointment Date and Time

2019 Taxicab Vehicle Inspection Schedule Appointment Date and Time

Taxi Inspection Pilot Program

Taxicab Medallion License Holder Rules - Amended and Effective : September 12, 2016

Taxicab Uniform Lease Agreement – Jan. 1, 2016

Know Your Driver Bill of Rights Flyer

Ogden Hours of Operation

Taxicab Accessible Technical Specifications And Operational Requirement for the Personal Information Monitor (PIM)

Approved Credit Card Processing Equipment for Taxicabs

Approved Vehicle List

Public Passenger Vehicle Review Application for Taxicab

Approved Security Cameras

Change of Affiliation (COA) Process and Form

Change of Officer Application / Transfer of Stock under 25% (Taxi)

Contact list for Affiliations

June 8, 2012 Taxi Expo Presentation on New Codes

How to Spot a Licensed City of Chicago Taxicab

Licensee Guideline for CNG Vehicles as Public Passenger Vehicles

New Taxi Inspection and Age of Vehicle Laws

Public Vehicle Industry Investigation Form

Public Vehicle Industry Notices

Notice to City of Chicago Taxi Operators : Taxi Access Program (TAP) - Acceptable Forms of Payment

Public Passenger Vehicle Inspection Guide

Public Vehicle Transfer of Stock Application - Transfer of More Than 25% of Stock or Ownership Percentage

Registered Taxi Meter Technicians

Security Cameras in Taxicabs - Backgrounder

Taxi and Livery Change of Vehicle Application

Taxicab Medallion Transfer Prices - 2012

Taxicab Medallion Transfer Prices - 2013

Taxicab Medallion Transfer Prices - 2014

Taxicab Medallion Transfer Prices - 2015

Taxicab Medallion Transfer Prices - 2016

Taxicab Medallion Transfer Prices - 2017

Taxicab Medallion Transfer Prices - 2018



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