Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection

Rules and Regulations

BACP Rules

New Public Chauffeur Rules - Promulgates and Effective : September 12, 2016

Taxicab Medallion License Holder Rules - Amended and Effective : September 12, 2016

Proposed NEW Public Chauffeur Rules

Proposed Amendments to the Taxicab Medallion License Holder Rules

Affiliation Rules

Ambulance Rules

Building Energy Use Benchmarking Rules

Charter Sightseeing Vehicle Rules

Commercial Passenger Vessel Rules

Condo Conversion Rules

Filling Station Rules

Heating Cost Disclosure Rules

Horse Drawn Carriage Rules

Immigration Assistance Provider Rules

Keep Chicago Renting Rules

Late Hour Liquor License Rules

License Broker Rules

License Manager Rules

Mayors License Discipline Commission Rules

Minimum Wage Rules

Rehab of Ex Offenders Rules

Retailer's Rules

Sidewalk Cafe Rules

Tobacco - Flavored Products Rules

Tobacco Seller Rules

Tour Boat Water Taxi Rules

Transportation Network Provider Rules


Additional Business Information

Taxicab Accessible Technical Specifications And Operational Requirement for the Personal Information Monitor (PIM)

Amendment of Municipal Code Title 9 Concerning Public Vehicle Licenses And Transportation Network Services

Click Here For the Municipal Code of Chicago (MCC) 

Ald Beale's Transaction Fee Ordinance

New 9-104 Ordinance Amendments

Tax Preparer Business Information

Taxi Driver Fairness Ordinance

Taxicab Uniform Lease Agreement – Jan. 1, 2016

Valet Parking Regulations