Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection

Tax Preparer Business Information

Tax Preparation businesses are required to obtain a license from BACP and to provide specific disclosures to consumers, pursuant to Municipal Code chapter 4-44.

Businesses may use the model disclosure form. If a business chooses not to use the model disclosure form, it must prepare a form and submit it to for approval.  BACP will only accept Disclosure Forms at this email address.  

The ordinance governing tax preparation services requires tax preparers to provide customers with two documents prior to providing any services:

   (1) a "Consumer Bill of Rights Regarding Tax Preparation Services" and

   (2) a "Disclosure Form," which describes and lists the tax preparer's cost of services in compliance with ordinance 4-44-030.

A Disclosure Form must contain the following information:
(A)     a written list, description, and price of the tax preparation service offered by the tax preparer;
(B)     a written list, description, and price of all miscellaneous fees associated with tax preparation services, including filing  fees and processing fees;
(C)     a statement that prior to entering into any contract, the tax preparer shall provide the consumer with a written estimate of the total charge to the consumer based upon the tax preparation services the consumer has selected to purchase;
(D)     a written estimate of the period of time the consumer can reasonably expect to wait for his tax refund; and
(E)     a certification from the tax preparer indicating that the tax preparer has reviewed each disclosure with the consumer and that the tax preparer has verbally reviewed all the required disclosures with the consumer.

As the tax season begins, tax preparers must come into compliance with the requirements set forth in the Municipal Code of Chicago.
[1] See definition of "Tax preparer" in Municipal Code 4-44-010.