Trade Licensing

The Department of Buildings administers trade licenses and registrations for more than 29,000 construction industry professionals, including Mason Contractors, Supervising Electricians, Electrical Contractors, Plumber's Apprentices, Journeyman Plumbers, Plumbing Contractors, Stationary Engineers, Apprentice Crane Operators, Crane Operators, Supervising Elevator Mechanics, Elevator Mechanic Contractors, Steam Boiler Erectors and General Contractors. 

The Department of Buildings works with Continental Testing Services to offer examinations and process license applications. For more information, please visit for exam information and registration, first time licenses, and plumbing contractor bond continuation certificates. Continental Testing Services can be also reached at (800) 359-1313.

License renewal for supervising electrician, electrical contractors, mason contractors, plumber's apprentices journeyman plumbers, and plumbing contractors will continue to be performed online through the Department of Buildings' website. For this service, please click on Access Online Trade License Renewal link below.


Access Online Trade License Renewal
Trade Licensing Renewals for Plumbing, Masonry and Electrical Contractors
Disciplinary Actions
The City of Chicago Department of Buildings investigates false statements made in the course of business with the Department.
Trade License Application FAQs
Questions and Answers regarding applications for Trade License Applications