Trade License Application FAQs

1.     Q.    What has changed recently regarding trade licenses?

A.    All first time trade license applications and most trade license renewals are processed by Continental Testing Service (CTS) at their website (

2.     Q.    Who should I call with questions regarding “first-time applications” for trade licenses?

A.    Continental Testing Services, Inc. (CTS) is a private company and testing service hired by the City to process applications, proctor and grade examinations for trade licenses.  Call 800.359.1313 or email ( with any questions regarding first-time applications for these trades. 

3.     Q.    Where can I find the licensing application forms, exam schedules, exam study materials other information regarding the application procedure?

A.    Application forms and instructions for these types of trade licenses can be found at the CTS website (

4.     Q.    Does Continental Testing Services (CTS) also process renewals for  trade licenses?

A.   CTS Processes renewals for most trade license types.  However, Supervising Electrician, Plumbers Apprentice, Journeyman Plumber, Plumbing Contractor and Mason Contractor Licenses must be renewed online at the city's website (

5.    Q.    How do I contact the Continental Testing Service?  

A.    800-359-1313

6.    Q. How frequently is the list of active licensees updated on the Department of Buildings website?

A.    The list of active license holders for these trade licenses is updated daily on the Department of Buildings website (