The Inspections page contains information as to the types of inspections conducted by the Department of Buildings.

Annual Inspection Certification (AIC)
Annual Inspection Certification Program (AIC)
Building Inspection
The Department of Buildings' inspectional bureaus require anyone requesting an inspection to submit that request via an online form.
Building Violation
Report a building violation
Building Violation Service Request
Check status of a Building Violation service request
Building Violations
Look up Building Violations Online
Buildings - No Permit or Construction Violation
Report if there are no permits or there are building violations.
Exposed Metal Inspections
Design professional report on condition of exposed structures
Exterior Wall Information
Exterior Wall Program
FAQ's for High-rise Life Safety
Life Safety FAQs for Evaluations & Sprinklers
Gang & Drug Building
The following buildings have been identified as locations where gang and drug activity have taken place.
High-Rise Life Safety Information
Summary of the Key Provisions of the Life Safety and High Rise Ordinance. The Ordinance focuses on improving the life safety attributes of existing high-rise buildings. There are approximately 1700 existing high rises and of these, 1300 are pre-fire ordinance or pre-1975 buildings. Of the 1300 pre-fire ordinance buildings, approximately 200 are commercial and 1100 are residential.
Life Safety High-Rise Information - Wireless Voice Communication System
Wireless Voice Communication System Per Code Section 34 (13-196-204)
Life Safety and High-Rise information
Life Safety & High-rise Ordinance
Occupancy Capacity Sign Application
A list of Occupancy Capacity Sign instructions
Report a Vacant Building
Report a Vacant Building
Restaurant Inspection Information
Information regarding Restaurant inspections
Roof-Top Water Tanks
If you suspect that a roof top water tank or support structure may be structurally unsound please call the City at 311 to report it.
See the Building forms most frequently requested
Building forms most frequently requested
Technology Centers
Information in regards to Technology Centers in Chicago.
Vacant Property
Vacant Property List