Building Inspection

For building-related complaints (for example, to report a property that is in violation of the City of Chicago Building Code), dial 311.

Certificate of Occupancy Inspections: These inspections are for any new or substantially rehabbed multiple dwellings consisting of four (4) or more dwelling units. Please note that the Occupancy Capacity Sign is different/separate from a Certificate of Occupancy letter. 

Request an Inspection
The Department of Buildings' inspectional bureaus require anyone requesting an inspection to submit that request via an online form, found below. Only requests done on-line will be accepted. As mentioned previously, reinspections generated by an Administrative Hearing or Housing court case are not scheduled using the online request form.

Contractor and/or Building Owners: The Department of Buildings responds to all requests for inspections on a first-come, first-serve basis, unless one chooses to schedule an appointment for a particular date. When picking a date, please allow a minimum of 4 business days.

Click on the button below to schedule appointments for the following bureaus listed below. 

  • New Construction
  • Electrical
  • Elevator
  • Plumbing
  • Ventilation
  • Iron
  • Refrigeration
  • Masonry
  • Boiler
  • Crane
  • Conservation Central
  • Conservation North
  • Conservation South
  • Conservation West

Please note: If you have an active Administrative Hearings case or Housing court case, you should not be requesting an online inspection.

For an Administrative Hearing case:
Your appointment was scheduled at your last Hearing, so please review your documentation that was given to you at the hearing. Normally your reinspection is scheduled one week prior to your hearing date. If your case involves a repair or replacement of a porch, please notify your contractor of the scheduled reinspection date. Your contractor should be at the scheduled reinspection with the approved set of plans and permit.

For an active housing court case:
You must make an appointment with the court inspector assigned to your case. Please call the number on your notice to obtain the name and phone number of the court inspector.