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Standard Plan Review

Standard Plan Review is the core process for permit applications requiring plans.  The process is structured for all types of work and buildings such as new construction, additions, alterations, rehabilitation and repairs for all building types including single family homes, apartments, condominiums, residential hi-rise (under 80 feet high), commercial buildings (under 80 feet high), offices, retail stores, restaurants and bars.

Prior to starting a building permit application, it is important to remember that all projects require a Zoning approval.

All Standard Plan Review applications are submitted through E-Plan, the City’s electronic plan review system. Each project is assigned a Project Manager to facilitate technical plan reviews to ensure plan compliance and issue permits. The PM serves as the applicants' single point-of-contact throughout the permit process. All steps are outlined in the Standard Plan Review Flowchart.

The Standard Review Process requires an architect to prepare the drawings and documents for the review of many code disciplines. For example: a Standard Plan Review application for new construction of a restaurant could require a minimum of 10 reviews along with other departments for permit approval such as Zoning, Landscape and Chicago Department of Transportation. Additionally, other permits may be required such as Driveway, Sewer, Water and licenses for food and liquor. 

Projects meeting the following criteria use the Standard Plan Review Process:
•    Buildings not greater than 80 feet high
•    Business and Mercantile projects not greater than 150,000 square feet
•    Residential projects with not more than 40 dwelling units
•    Foundations and excavation not more than 12 feet deep
•    Removal of non-load bearing interior partitions
•    Includes the Small Project Program and Self-Certification Permit Program
•    Green elements are to use the Green Permit Program
•    NOT allowed (green roof, rain water harvesting, solar panels, wind turbines, geothermal heating and cooling)

Please note that larger, complex projects are required to use the Developer Services Program.

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