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Certified Plan Corrections

To allow for a shorter, simpler and more efficient building permit process, all Standard Plan Review building permit applications must use Certified Plan Corrections to address all plan review corrections.


With Certified Plan Corrections, the professionals of record assume responsibility for compliance with the plan review corrections without additional plan examinations. The plans are amended by the professionals of record to address all plan corrections and revised plans are uploaded for the Final Review. The applicant is issued a conditional building permit, subject to field inspection, upon approval of the Final Review and payment of the permit fee.

Please note that Certified Plan Corrections apply to corrections issued pursuant to a full plan review.  In the event that the plans are incomplete and a full review cannot be performed (i.e. plans are missing ventilation calculations, plumbing fixture placements, or exit-ways), the plans will need to go through the review process prior to the Certified Plan Corrections process.

Certified Plan Corrections:

All Standard Plan Review projects must use Certified Plan Corrections to address plan corrections. The following items are required at the Final Review.

  1. The professionals of record must amend the plans to thoroughly address all of the DOB plan corrections. All changes to the plans must be bubbled, dated and initialed by the professionals of record.
  2. A new sheet titled “Certified Plan Corrections” must be inserted immediately behind the cover sheet. This sheet must include an itemized list of all plan examiner corrections along with the respective, typed response to each correction. Each response must include a concise description of the drawing modification and location of the modified detail(s) and sheet(s) within the set.
  3. The Certified Plan Corrections sheet must include the Professionals of Record Certification Statement, signed and sealed. The Professionals of Record Certification Statement establishes compliance with all of the DOB plan corrections. A sample of the Professionals of Record Certification Statement is available for download below.
  4. Upload the new Certified Plan Correction Sheet to the Certified Plan Correction folder in ProjectDox for the Final Review.
  5. Upload the amended plans sheets to the respective drawing submittal folders in ProjectDox for the Final Review.
  6. A permit must have Zoning approval prior to Final Review. Zoning reviews happen concurrently to other building plan reviews.
  7. A full and complete set of City-stamped, approved plans, with the Certified Plan Corrections sheet and all corrected plan sheets, must be on site during all DOB permit inspections. Failure to have these documents on site during inspection may result in an additional fee for any necessary re-inspections; and, in some cases, may result in the issuance of a Stop Work Order.

Correction Mediation Meeting:

A Correction Mediation meeting can be scheduled after corrections are issued. The purpose of the Correction Mediation meeting is to provide a forum for design professionals to discuss with the Department staff whether a technical correction required by the City is mandated by the Municipal Code.  Email to schedule a Correction Mediation meeting. Include your cell phone number, project application number and project address in the subject line of the email. Correction Mediation meetings are held weekly in City Hall Room 900 by appointment.

The meeting must be attended by the architect of record or the licensed project architect with a signed representation letter on letterhead from the architect of record.

Please note that 120 days of permit inactivity by the applicant may result in the permit application being archived by the department.  

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