New Construction Inspections

The New Construction Bureau, located at 120 N. Racine, inspects all building permits, complaints, Certificates of Inspection and all emergencies that occur after working hours. Inspections can also be generated by the public, by dialing 311, the non-emergency number for city services.

Stop Orders

Stop orders are issued to stop any construction that is done with out a permit: contrary to an approved permit; and other forms of construction that poses a threat to the health and safety of the public.

Time Limits

A permit has a time limit, with a date for when construction is allowed. However, permit times do expire, and if construction is not done within six months of being issued, the permit is void. To rectify the problem, an extended permit can be issued. There are only two extensions that are allowed. After that, if work is not begun within 18 months, the permit is void.

There is more detailed information in the Chicago Building code regarding time limits, 1(13-32-110)

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