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At Chicago Animal Care and Control (CACC) we work with our community partners toward the goal of minimizing the number of homeless and abandoned animals that come into our shelter.  We try to find homes for all healthy and treatable animals by reuniting families with their lost pet, adopting pets into new loving homes and partnering with over two-hundred area rescues to transfer animals through our Homeward Bound Program.  We encourage everyone to get involved by being a responsible pet owner, adopting the newest member of your family (Pet Adoption), becoming a volunteer team member (Volunteering), or supporting CACC with an in-kind donation (Wish List).

The links below detail the total number of impoundments, the number of dog and cat impoundments, the animal placement percentage, the number of animals transferred, and the number of animals euthanized.   

Since 2006, CACC has consistently increased the number of animals transferred to rescue and increased the percentage of animals placed through our adoption, transfer and redemption programs. As a result of this hard work, CACC has seen a decrease in the number of animals euthanized each year. We will continue to put all of our efforts into increasing the number of animals returned to their owner, transferred, and adopted, and will provide comfortable, temporary housing for every animal that visits our shelter.


2017 Monthly Stats


     2016 Monthly Stats                                                                           2015 Monthly Stats

  • January                                                                                             •  January
  • February                                                                                            •  February
  • March                                                                                                •  March
  • April                                                                                                  •  April
  • May                                                                                                   •  May
  • June                                                                                                  •  June
  • July                                                                                                   •  July
  • August                                                                                              •  August
  • September                                                                                         •  September
  • October                                                                                             •  October
  • November                                                                                          •  November
  • December                                                                                          •  December


Homeward Bound Transfer Statistics


2017 Transfers



     2016 Transfers                                                                               2015 Transfers

  • January                                                                                            • January
  • February                                                                                          • February
  • March                                                                                       • March
  • April                                                                                        • April
  • May                                                                                         • May
  • June                                                                                        • June
  • July                                                                                         • July
  • August                                                                                     • August
  • September                                                                                • September
  • October                                                                                           • October
  • November                                                                                        • November
  • December                                                                                        • December