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To illustrate the danger of disobeying traffic laws, CDOT has released video from automated enforcement cameras of crashes that resulted from drivers running red lights this year.

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High Alert Feb 24, 2017 CDOT: 2016 Bridge Trials Scheduled For March – In Advance Of Spring Bridges Lifts
High Alert Feb 2, 2017 Clark Street Bridge Repairs Start at 9am on Feb. 6

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Mar 28, 2017 New Streetlights Headed To The South And West Sides As City Selects Vendor For Chicago Smart Lighting Project
Mar 27, 2017 Mayor Emanuel, Alderman Thompson Announces Streetscape Plan to Modernize Morgan Street Retail Corridor
Mar 20, 2017 Academic Study Confirms Chicago Red Light Camera Program Successful In Providing Safety Benefits
Mar 20, 2017 Albany Park Stormwater Diversion Project Reaches Phase II
Feb 24, 2017 Mayor Emanuel Announces Adams Street Bridge Reopens To Traffic Today After Completion Of Major Rehabilitation Project
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