Conservation & Sustainable Transportation

Through the Policy, Planning and Sustainability Division, CDOT supports a number of conservation and sustainable transportation programs that work to protect, restore, and enhance our natural resources and lessen the environmental impact of transportation in Chicago. They include:

  • Educating communities and residents on sustainable practices through the Chicago Center for Green Technology, Chicago Conservation Corps program and the Sustainable Backyards Program.
  • Planting and maintaining greenery on major streets through programs such as GreenStreets, which places trees to reduce “urban heat island” effects.
  • Designing and constructing infrastructure projects that increase the use of sustainable materials and methods through the Sustainable Urban Infrastructure Guidelines.
  • Encouraging the use of clean fuels and deploying clean vehicle technologies in the Chicago metropolitan area through the Chicago Area Clean Cities Coalition.
  • Retrofitting streetlight and signal fixtures to improve energy efficiency.
  • Preparing Chicagoans for the “Green Collar” economy through Greencorps Chicago, a year-long job training program.



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