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CDOT is always exploring transportation concepts to meet Chicago's needs for both the near-term and longer-term future.  Working with other city, regional and state entities, CDOT develops concepts, seeks public input and explores funding options for a wide variety of transportation-infrastructure improvements.

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Most Recent News (Major Projects, Programs and Studies)

Sep 20, 2017 Mayor Emanuel Launches Historic Streetlight Modernization Program
Sep 15, 2017 Mayor Emanuel Announces Chicago Riverwalk Wins 2017 Rudy Bruner Award For Urban Excellence in Design Silver Medal
Aug 14, 2017 Mayor Emanuel Opens Reconstructed Six-Way Interchange at Damen, Elston and Fullerton Avenues
Aug 7, 2017 Albany Park Stormwater Diversion Tunnel Project Reaches Major Milestone as Blasting Operations Are Complete
Jul 28, 2017 City Council Passes Ordinance Requiring City Contractors to Install Low Cost Safety Equipment On Large Trucks

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