July 23, 2018

Mayor Emanuel Announces City Hits 100 Miles Paved in 2018 Season

Crews to begin work on the next 100 miles and are on pace to surpass 2,000 miles repaved since 2011

Mayor Rahm Emanuel today announced that more than 100 miles of arterial and residential streets have been paved in Chicago during the 2018 paving season.  Crews will now begin work on the next 100 of nearly 300 miles the City plans to repave this construction season; keeping Chicago on pace to end the year with more than 2,000 miles repaved since 2011.

“Today marks an exciting milestone in our plan to repave nearly 300 miles of streets and alleys across our great city this year, but our work is far from over,” said Mayor Emanuel. "From new streets to new streetlights; new parks to new playground, Chicago will continue investing in the neighborhood improvements that matter to our residents and help improve their quality of life."


The repaving work has been done by the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) and the Department of Water Management (DWM), along with sister agencies and utility companies that have paved roads after completing utility improvements such as better gas, electric, and telecommunications services and water and sewer upgrades.


CDOT has identified the next 42 miles of arterial streets and almost 70 miles of residential streets and alleys for resurfacing this construction season. The Department is also working with Aldermen on the additional residential streets that will be repaved in 2018. 


“CDOT has completed paving of 23 miles of major arterial roads and is working steadily to repave as many residential streets as possible,” CDOT Commissioner Rebekah Scheinfeld said. “Thanks to the strong commitment that the Mayor has demonstrated to investing in our infrastructure through the Building a New Chicago Program, we are steadily improving the condition of roads in every part of the City.”


To ensure the City is making the most efficient use of resources possible, it has improved coordination on infrastructure projects.  Through CDOT’s Project Coordination Office, City infrastructure departments and utilities have worked together to reduce the amount of project conflicts that would require opening up a street more than once. These coordination efforts have led to a savings of$129million since 2012.     


The following are some of the main arterial routes that are slated for resurfacing by CDOT so far in 2018:

    • 79th Street from Western to Cottage Grove (4 miles)
    • 69th Street from Ashland to South Chicago (2.7 miles)
    • Dr. Martin Luther King Drive from 111th Street to 115th Street ( 0.5 mile)
    • Western Blvd. from 45th Street to Garfield Blvd. (1.25 miles)
    • Damen Avenue from 33rd Street to Pershing Road (0.75 mile)
    • Archer Avenue from Kolin Avenue to 47th Street (1.1 miles)
    • Archer from Nottingham Avenue to Narragansett Avenue (0.9 mile)
    • 67th Street from Ashland to Cottage Grove (3 miles)
    • Humboldt Drive from Chicago Avenue to North Avenue (1 mile)
    • North Avenue from Cicero to Central Park Avenue (1.5 miles)
    • Augusta Blvd. from Grand Avenue to Milwaukee (2.5 miles)
    • Wilson Avenue from Damen to LSD (1.7 miles)
    • Elston Avenue from Melvina Avenue to Foster (2 miles)
    • Addison Street from Keeler Avenue to Avondale Avenue (0.65 mile)
    • Avondale Avenue/Gregory Street from Harlem Avenue to Moody Avenue (1.3 miles)


Since Mayor Emanuel took office, the City has resurfaced more than 1,950 miles of streets and alleyways, more than one third of the City’s 4,600 miles of streets.

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