Behavioral Health

CDPH is committed to helping every resident receive the care they deserve. We work with community partners to grow and strengthen behavioral health resources across Chicago.

  • CDPH Mental Health Services: We provide direct services from five clinic locations across Chicago on a sliding fee scale.
  • Mental Health System: We work with a number of partners and make strategic investments to improve Chicago’s overall mental health system with a focus on providing services to those most in need. (This page is currently under construction)
  • Substance Use Disorder: We work to educate residents and generate awareness on prevention and treatment for substance use.
  • Violence Prevention: We work to prevent violence across the lifespan and reduce its negative impacts when it does occur. We do this through community education workshops and professional development and by working with a variety of stakeholders to support them in applying a violence prevention lens to the work they do.
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Find a Community Health Center
Community Health Centers are locally-based health care clinics that provide comprehensive primary and preventive care to underserved populations, such as the uninsured, low income, Medicaid recipients, and racial and ethnic minorities.
Illegal Sale of Tobacco Products to a Youth
The Chicago Department of Public Health in partnership with the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection’s Compliance and Investigation Division, conducts underage tobacco sales to determine if a vendor is adhering to the underage tobacco sale laws.
Investigation of a Smoking Complaint
The Chicago Department of Public Health will follow-up with smoking complaints against businesses that are not in compliance with the Chicago Clean Indoor Air Ordinance.
Opioid Use
Opioid misuse is a serious public health problem.
Pharmaceutical Representative License
Beginning July 1, 2017, pharmaceutical representatives who market or promote pharmaceuticals within the City of Chicago for more than fifteen (15) calendar days per year are required to obtain a license.
Screening for Exposure to Second Hand Smoke
Secondhand smoke can affect the health of those who live with a smoker or who are in another environment where someone is smoking.
Substance Use Disorder
Substance use disorder (SUD), which can include addiction, is a medical diagnosis that describes the mental, behavioral, and physical symptoms caused by the use of alcohol, tobacco, and/or other drugs.
Violence Prevention
OVP works to prevent violence across the lifespan and reduce its negative impacts when it does occur.
Violence Prevention Training
Office of Violence Prevention offers Professional Development Training addressing violence related issues

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