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Communicable Diseases Reporting Services

Provider reporting of communicable diseases helps the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) identify outbreaks, assess disease burden and prevent infections. Mandated reporters, such as health care providers, hospitals, and laboratories, by law must report confirmed or suspected cases of certain infectious diseases to CDPH [allowed by HIPAA CFR §164 512(b)]. Diseases Reportable in IL.

We encourage you to use the Illinois National Electronic Disease Surveillance System (I-NEDSS) to report diseases electronically. 

Illinois' National Electronic Disease Surveillance System (I-NEDSS) is a secure, Web-based application available to health care providers and other reporters for input of demographic, medical and exposure information on patients diagnosed with reportable conditions. Once a report is entered, it is immediately routed to the appropriate local health department for additional follow-up.

To register for the application, go to the Illinois Department of Public Health WebPortal and click on Register for a Portal Account. Information about training opportunities is available once you register.

Please be as detailed as possible when submitting a communicable disease report so CDPH can more effectively investigate the case and interpret the information in a timely manner.

Reports can also be made by mail, telephone or fax. See Diseases Reportable in IL for additional contact information. We are developing a User Guide for Provider Reporting to assist you which should be available shortly.

The Health Alert Network (HAN) is a real-time communication portal for Chicago Department of Public Health partners and constituents. You will find information on specific diseases, test request forms and links to other resources. Register for the Chicago Health Alert Network here.

For additional information on Laboratory Testing and Services, see the Illinois Department of Public Health Lab Testing & Services Website.