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DCASE Cultural Grants Programs

The mission of the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events is to enrich Chicago’s artistic vitality and cultural vibrancy. To support this overarching mission, Cultural Grants Program’s goal is simple: to serve as a catalyst to foster a robust, healthy arts community where artists, non-profit arts and culture and creative industries thrive.


The DCASE Cultural Grants Program strives to:

(1) Elevate Chicago’s arts and culture community;

(2) Promote access to the breadth of arts and cultural programming in our city; and

(3) Support those not typically represented in traditional local funding infrastructures.


DCASE currently offers three Cultural Grants Programs:

• Individual Artists Program (funding for individual artists) – Provides project-based funding for professional artists.

• CityArts (funding for nonprofit organizations) – Provides general operating support to Chicago-based, arts and culture-focused, non-profit organizations with budgets under $2 million.

• IncentOvate (funding for nonprofit organizations) - In an effort to implement goals articulated in the Chicago Cultural Plan, the IncentOvate Program provides support to organizations over $2 million to incentivize innovation in the sector.