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Permit to Reserve Space on Daley Plaza or Lobby

Sidewalk Sale on Daley Plaza

Download Application (PDF)

  1. Applicants must furnish all information requested in the application.
  2. The application must be signed by the applicant, or where the application is a corporation or other group a person duly authorized to sign on the group’s behalf.
  3. Applicants and all persons engaging in the use of the Daley Center Plaza and/or Lobby must obey all Federal and State criminal laws.
  4. The application should be filed no more than 365 days and no fewer than 30 days before the proposed use or activity.
  5. The application must be filed with the Office of the Building, MB Real Estate Services, LLC Richard J. Daley Center, 50 West Washington, Suite 1203, Chicago, Illinois 60602-1317.

Supporting Information

Guidelines for Festivals and Markets (PDF)

'Applications for permit’ should be filed no more than 365 days and no fewer than 30 days before the scheduled event date.


Daley Plaza Objectives

Through the support of Daley Center Civic Center (DCC), Public Building Commission (PBC) and the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE) all events, activities and/or displays is encouraged to:

  • Stimulate public understanding and recognition of the importance of cultural institutions within the City of Chicago.
  • Promote an encouraging atmosphere for creative artists residing within the City of Chicago, nationally and internationally.
  • Increase awareness of the City’s cultural diversity by providing a showcase for Chicago’s ethnic community to share their arts and crafts.
  • Promote public support for the arts by offering an opportunity for Chicago area arts and cultural organizations to present educational and artistic display, events, activities, and exhibits.

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