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The new SummerDance-Off invites residents to show off their footwork and steppin’ skills at a series of city-wide amateur competitions on July 8, 15, 22 and 29 at Chicago Park District locations as part of the SummerDance in the Parks program. The winners of each local contest will then compete at the Dance-Off finale at the SummerDance Celebration in Millennium Park on August 26.

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July 8, 2-5pm

Footwork Dance-Off

Garfield Park Golden Dome

100 N. Central Park Ave.


July 15, 2-5pm

Steppin' Dance-Off

Washington Park Refectory

5531 S. Martin Luther King Dr.


July 22, 2-5pm

Footwork Dance-Off

Hamilton Park Cultural Center

513 W. 72nd St.


July 29, 2-5pm

Steppin' Dance-Off Austin Town Hall

5610 W. Lake St.