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ChicagoMade Music Collective: The State of the Music Industry in the Inner City


May 30, 6:30–8:30pm

Room 43, 1039-1043 E. 43rd St.

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The ChicagoMade Music Collective brings together experts from the music industry to talk about the most current and pressing issues relative to working musicians. Our latest event is a panel discussion in collaboration with 360 Nation titled “The State of the Music Industry in the Inner City” and will be held on Tuesday, May 30, 2017 at Room 43 in Bronzeville. Danton Floyd (360 Nation) will serve as moderator in a discussion with some of Chicago’s music industry professionals. The conversation will be centered around what it takes to make it in the today’s new industry model, branding and building a successful team.



Moderator: W.D. FloydW.D. Floyd

W.D. Floyd is the founder and lead organizer for 360 Nation.  He has over 10 years of experience as an educator, youth worker and organizer. He works with others to create intergenerational spaces that value individual gifts and talents as a catalyst for community transformation. W.D. Floyd believes that real community change is bottom up not top down. Therefore, he utilizes popular education and critical dialogue as a means to promote self-love and determination.


Panelist: Kevin E. RossKevin E. Ross

Kevin Ross is a 25-year music industry veteran and CEO of Twoguard Media Group. He specializes in radio promotion and marketing as well as artist development and strategy implementation. He has worked with major artists such as Stevie Wonder and Diana Ross. His formula is simple. Twoguard Media Group is modeled after legendary labels like Motown, LaFace, Bad Boy, & Kedar. His artists are also lifestyle leaders as well as the music that they create. Twoguard is not just a record label, it is a lifestyle.


Panelist: TeefaTeefa

Teefa is one of the hottest Hip Hop female emcee’s and radio personalities on Chicago’s airwaves today. During her career as a major recording artist, Teefa has worked and toured with the biggest artist in Hip Hop and R&B including Kanye West, Common, Eminem, Lil’ Wayne, Syleena Johnson and more. Teefa is a natural talent behind the mic and regularly wins the minds and hearts of the people she engages with. Teefa is a staple in the community. Aside from her work on-air, she can be found mentoring, teaching, speaking and hosting major events. She is a mother of two and believes “lessons learned in pursuit of success is greater than the accomplishment, because the fight is what makes you stronger and that’s what everyone will remember.”


Panelist: Ephraim MartinEphraim Martin

Ephraim M. Martin is the founder and chairman of three prestigious annual events: The Chicago Music Awards, the International Reggae and World Music Awards and the International Festival of Life. In 1982, Martin established Martin's International Culture a not for profit arts organization to promote the cultures, heritage, music, food, arts and overall way of life of African, Caribbean, Mexican, South and Central American cultures as well as the United States.  He was named among the top ten "People Who Rock Chicago" by New City weekly newspaper; and was honored among the top fifteen African-American "Men Who Lead" at the Afrique Magazine Awards.



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Room 43
1039-1043 E. 43rd St.

Chicago, IL 60653

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