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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Chicago Cultural Center, Preston Bradley Hall • 3pm

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Join legendary comic book creator and artist Alex Ross and Robert Milazzo, founder of The Modern School of Film and Murmur Radio, as they explore current modalities, highs, lows, future visions and professional trends for audiences and practitioners of film, television, comic books and performance. The discussion will include a deep-dive into art and craft, and where they collide with the realities of culture and commerce. Ross will be sharing examples of both motion and graphic media to support his sense of how things stand and will continue to develop across both large and small scale platforms.


Alex Ross

One of the greatest artists in the field of comic books, Alex Ross has revitalized classic superheroes into works of fine art with his brilliant use of watercolor. Just as Andy Warhol elevated soup can labels into multi-million dollar artworks, Ross has transformed comic books. By building on the foundation of the great artists who came before him― Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, John Romita, Neal Adams, George Perez, and others―Ross’ paintings have revolutionized the comic book industry and transcended the newsstand origins of his profession.

At just three years of age, Ross was drawing TV commercials from memory. By the age of 13 he was scripting and drawing original comic books. Ten years later, Ross was hired by Marvel Comics to illustrate Marvel’s central characters in the comic book event Marvels (1994). His impact on the comic book industry became so powerful that his hugely successful comic book series Kingdom Come (1996), marks the close of the “Dark Age” of comic books, in which pessimism, violence, and gritty stories ruled, into the birth of the “Modern Age” of optimism and strong superheroes. Ross would go on to win the Comic Buyer’s Guide Award for Favorite Painter so many times the award was retired.


Robert Milazzo

Director and educator, Robert Milazzo of The Modern School of Film and Murmur Radio will lead the conversation.


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