Friday, April 21 and Saturday, April 22, 2017

Chicago Cultural Center, GAR Hall • 10am-4:30pm

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New to Lake FX for 2017, the ACCESS Lab is an energized resource fair connecting participants with industry leaders and organizations through fun and informative one-on-one talks and small group activities. Businesses and industry organizations such as High Concept Labs, Fractured Atlas, Etsy, Arts Alliance Illinois, Lawyers for the Creative Arts and more will be on-site to discuss your marketing and branding initiatives, review portfolios, provide access to legal information, assess and guide your pitching and fundraising strategy or business plan and offer fun hands-on activities for Chicago-based creative artists and entrepreneurs.

Please come prepared with the Information requested by each organization to make the most of each one-on-one session!



Don't Dream, Make Plans

Friday & Saturday, 10am–4:30pm

Join us for 10-minute mentor talks open to all artists and entrepreneurs looking for insight on how to start a career in music or any other field taking a "DIY" approach. Bring a press kit, video or music to be discussed on the spot, have questions answered and get support on your DIY branding and marketing.

What to bring: Participants should bring press kits, music or videos on their phones, laptop or tablets for us to review


Aloha Center Chicago

Fitness! Island Style

Friday & Saturday, 10am–4:30pm

All are welcome to jump in for a fun dance workout! Done in 30-minute cycles, three 10-minute rotations represent Hawaiian, Maori and Tahitian cultures. The dance exercises target isolated muscle groups, and our workout is enhanced through use of traditional implements. Fitness! Island Style™ is a Native Hawaiian health initiative of the Ke Ali`i Victoria Ka`iulani Hawaiian Civic Club-Chicago (KVK-Chicago).

What to bring: Yourself


Arts Alliance Illinois

Advocacy 101

Friday, 10am–1pm only

Discuss the process of civic engagement around arts and culture issues at all levels, ranging from “hyperlocal” (neighborhoods and wards) to statewide and national campaigns to channel a passion for the arts into positive change. Get tips on how to make the most of your time during in-person meetings with elected officials, guidance on language for messages sent to policy makers and an overview of current and potential movements supporting and threatening the vitality and vibrancy of the arts sector.

What to bring: Pen and paper are suggested


Audience Architects

Marketing Mentor Talks

Friday, 10am–1pm only & Saturday, 10am–4:30pm

Our staff will offer 15-minute marketing mentor talks on how to leverage Audience Architects resources and programs to maximize a marketing plan for an upcoming dance performance. Build a quick marketing plan, offering both free and paid ideas to get your performance message out to a broad audience. Topics include use of the website, submissions to be considered for review by a critic, distribution service, rental of the portable dance floor and more!

What to bring: A quick overview of your organization, recent marketing and PR materials and your estimated marketing budget for an event or season


Bortz Law Firm

Best Practics for Protrecting Your Creative Property

Friday, 10am–4:30pm only

Talk to our legal expert to answer your burning questions around all copyrights, music publishing, streaming models, joint authorship, works-made-for-hire, music licensing and what you can do if someone copies your work or uses it without permission.

What to bring: Your legal questions and any supporting documentation


Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP), City of Chicago

One-on-One Business Consultations

Friday & Saturday, 10am–4:30pm

The Small Business Center (SBC) is the business licensing division of BACP and the “one-stop-shop” for businesses and entrepreneurs. BACP licenses businesses and public vehicles, provides business education and access to resources, enforces the Muicipal Code and protects consumers from fraud. An SBC Business Consultant will be available for one-on-one consultations regarding business licensing, application requirements and business resources.

What to bring: Yourself


Chicago Art Source Gallery

S'really Contemporary: A Collaborative Community Art Project

Friday & Saturday, 10am–4:30pm

Join us in recreating a classic masterpiece entitled Personal Values (Les Valeurs Personnelles), by Rene Magritte, in oil pastels. Participants will be given a section of a composition to recreate, piece by piece the overall composition will come to life. Chicago Art Source will share an Artists Tool Kit which will serve as a resource for emerging artists as they build and navigate their career in the art world. This is also an opportunity for visual artists to be considered for future Chicago Art Source gallery exhibitions as well as art programs which cater to hospitality, corporate, and healthcare industries.

What to bring: Yourself


Chicago Creative Coalition

Finding Your Edge: Personal Branding That Stands Out

Friday & Saturday, 10am–4:30pm

Chicago Creative Coalition experts in art direction, design, illustration, copywriting, photography and presentation will teach you how to overhaul your portfolios and pitches via questionnaires designed to reveal your edge. Discussions help to fine-tune how to write, show and talk about work to prospective clients and collaborators.

What to bring: Digital or print portfolios in any of the communication arts fields – writing, photography, illustration, graphic design, motion graphics, website development – and your "elevator speech" pitch introducing yourself and your work, an idea about the type of position you are interested in pursuing and an open mind to consider feedback and suggestions.


Chicago Creed, LLC

Electronic Press Kit Critiques

Friday & Saturday, 10am–4:30pm

As an independent music label, Chicago Creed provides music marketing and distribution, A&R services and talent curation. Chicago Creed experts will provide 10-minute speed evaluations and critiques on your artistic presence, vocal talent, choreography and social media and audience engagement.

What to bring: Your materials – EPK, resume, social media sites, etc. – that you would like to have reviewed


Chicago Dance Therapy

Movement Matters: The Use of Movement in Mental Health and Self-Care

Friday, 10am–4:30pm only

Small dance tutorial for groups of five or smaller that will improve mental health and self-care with instruction on how you can incorporate movement into your daily life.We will discuss the importance and benefits of movement in regard to psychological well-being and overall mental health. All ages and populations welcome!

What to bring: Yourself


Chicago Dancemakers Forum

One-on-One Budget Reviews

Friday, 10am–1pm only

Following the "Financial Literacy for the Artist" panel, Chicago Dancemakers Forum offers one-on-one consultations in financial/budget review for artists with Sarah Lombardi, who merges her 15 years as an accounting and finance professional with her experience as a yoga instructor to help relieve the money stresses that cause people to be unhappy and unhealthy. Learn the tools to organize your finances in a calming, low stress and profitable manner.

What to bring: Yourself


Chicago Dramatists

One-on-One Resume or Play Synopsis Review

Saturday, 10am–4:30pm only

Polish up your submission tools by reviewing your resume or a play synopsis with one of our Resident Playwrights or member of our artistic staff. In this brief (5-10 minutes) coaching session, you will receive formatting tips and best practices to present yourself and your play professionally when submitting to theatres and contests. Strong submission materials get your plays read!

What to bring: Playwriting Resume or Play Synopsis


Chicago Fashion Incubator

Brand Clinic for Creative Entrepreneurs and Makers

Friday & Saturday, 10am–4:30pm

Receive crtical feedback on your marketing materials – websites, social media, or lookbooks/portfolios – by experts in brand strategy and marketing.

What to bring: Please choose one medium to review and bring three hard copies of the web page, look book and/or portfolios


Chicago Industrial Arts & Design Center

Explore the CIADC

Friday & Saturday, 10am–4:30pm

Visit with Matthew Runfola, CIADC Founder and President, to discuss working with sculptures and 3D artwork. View looping video that shows CIADC facilities and check out on-site examples of artwork.

What to bring: Yourself


Chicago Sculpture International

Life as a Sculptor: Opportunities on the Chicago Scene and Beyond

Friday & Saturday, 10am–4:30pm

With 150 members CSI provides opportunities to show sculptures in Chicago, around the country and even internationally. Meet with members from the group who can talk to you about upcoming calls for artists and how to apply, to network with fellow sculptors, to best represent yourself and your work, to find new opportunities and to become part of a community of sculptors.

What to bring: Yourself


Chicago Social Media Marketers

Social Media Presence Guidelines for Visual Artists

Friday & Saturday, 10am–4:30pm

Meet with small business owners to get advice and develop strategy around your social media presence and online branding. We will also provide you with a Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet.

What to bring: Yourself


CHIRP – Chicago Independent Radio Project

Bumper Recording and Music Drop-off

Saturday, 10am–4:30pm only

Local artists and community members will have the opportunity to record interstitial station identifications (i.e. “Hi this is [name] from [organization/band/neighborhood] and you’re listening to 17.1 CHIRP radio dot org”) in anticipation of our broadcast launch. Representatives from our Partnerships, Music, Features and/or Management sections will be on hand to present information about station activites and how to get involved, including how to submit music for airplay.

What to bring: Your music submissions in the form of CDs, vinyl, tapes or digital downloads. Feel free to bring a brief artist bio, a BandCamp or Soundcloud link and any relevant download codes. Spoken word artists or writers interested in our First Time live lit event should also submit a bio, writing sample and website/blog/podcast link


Creating Crimson and DreamLoud Creative

Survive & Thrive In the Independent Music Industry: Flash Consulting Sessions

Friday & Saturday, 10am-4:30pm

Pick from one of our 3 to 5 themes related to the music business for indie artists (e.g. booking gigs/touring, radio placement, social media development, registering your music, etc.) and receive a 10-minute "power" mentor session about the topic.

What to bring: Questions about how to get to the next level of your music career. You are encouraged to bring business cards, post card flyers and/or other hard copy self-promotion items, as well as websites and social media pages to review


Creative Wellness

Self Care for Artists

Friday & Saturday, 10am–4:30pm

In our 30-minute activity, we will briefly discuss the importance of self care in any artistic profession and then lead everyone through 15 minutes of seated yoga and 10 minutes of guided meditation.

We will have relaxing music and a diffuser as well as instructors to assist with gentle hands-on adjustments.

What to bring: Yourself



One-on-One Etsy Shop Crits

Saturday, 10am–4:30pm only

Are you interested in taking your business on to the next level? Do you want to learn more about what it takes to be found in Etsy search? Are you fully utilizing your Etsy shop to promote buyer trust and engagement? Fifteen-minute sessions will be available with an Etsy shop optimization expert.

What to bring: Any business materials that you have related to your current Etsy shop or your ideas for joining Etsy


Filter Photo

Portfolio Reviews

Friday & Saturday, 10am–4:30pm

Filter Photo will offer 15-minute one-on-one reviews of photography-based portfolios.

This professional development activity is designed to help emerging photographers edit and sequence contemporary photography projects and is ideal for those artists that are looking for feedback on an existing project that is complete or still in development.

What to bring: A series of 10-20 printed photographs. Prints should be at least 8 x 10 inches in size, but no larger than 16 x 20 inches. Color or black and white work is welcome.


Five Lake Arts

Free Headshots

Friday, 10am–4:30pm only

Come in for a free headshot! Five Lake Arts is offering one professional digital headshot that will be emailed to you after Lake FX.

What to bring: Yourself


Fractured Atlas

Coaching on How to Ask for Money

Friday & Saturday, 10am–4:30pm

Fractured Atlas has helped their fiscally sponsored projects raise over $100,000,000 in support, in part by encouraging artists to have brazen confidence in asking for support of work in which they believe, and to authentically approach fundraising in a way that fuels your creativity rather than drains it. Join a brief coaching session on how to ask for money, how to identify and grow beyond internal barriers you have to asking for financial support for your work, and how to put yourself into the perspectives of the donors, funders and partners you will be asking to support you.

What to bring: A 2-3 sentence funding narrative that describes where your resources are (or will) come from and why.


Galaudet Gallery LLC

Portfolio Review

Friday & Saturday, 10am–2pm only

Galaudet Gallery representatives will review artist portfolios with the intention of finding possible artists for future exhibits at our gallery and other venues where we assist in arranging art exhibits. When needed we will assist individual artists to understand how to present portfolios and what galleries look for when viewing portfolios. All types of art is welcome.

What to bring: Your portfolio, any PR that you want to show a gallery and your one to two minute “elevator pitch”


High Concept Labs

Creative Storytelling: Using Branding to Promote Practice and Projects

Friday, 10am–4:30pm only

High Concept Labs will work with you to create effective elevator pitches for your creative practice. Branding and marketing is often one of the biggest barriers for artists to describe to others what they are doing. Intrigue individuals and convince these people to attend your performances and events. Creating an individual brand is essential, because if you don't create it, someone else will.

What to bring: Yourself


Independent Writers of Chicago

Press Release Critique

Friday, 10am–4:30pm only

Representatives from Independent Writers of Chicago will conduct one-on-one consultations, reviewing your press release (or your ideas for a press release) and offer advice on how to make them stronger, more effective and more likely to get the attention of editors and program directors. Advice will also be given on the importance of targeting your press release when sending to the various media outlets.

What to bring: Hard copy of your press release to review or an idea for a release that we can help think about and something with which to take notes


Jay B Ross Foundation

Negotiation Technique for the Entertainment Business

Friday & Saturday, 10am–4:30pm

Jay B. Ross brings his 50 years of law background negotiating contracts and promoting artists in the entertainment field for 10-minute sessions to discuss negotiation techniques including what to look for such as cover up ploys and body language, what to watch for as to hidden expressions of words and how to keep open to opportunities and more.

What to bring: Pen and paper are suggested


Joshua Lance CPA, LLC

Accounting Setup Review and Advice

Friday & Saturday, 10am–4:30pm

Don't know where to go for accounting advice? Joshua Lance CPA, LLC will be on hand to provide accounting setup reviews and advice as well as answer any questions that creatives might have when starting up their business. We will assist you in understanding what you need to do to get yourself set up correctly with your accounting records and taxes or review your current set up and provide advice on managing your accounting records.

What to bring: Your most recent balance sheet and income statement for your business, or your business plan or business idea to discuss


Lawyers for the Creative Arts

LCA Arts Law Clinics

Friday & Saturday, 10am–4:30pm

Lawyers for the Creative Arts will offer one-on-one counseling sessions to artists in all disciplines on business start-up issues, intellectual property protection and contracts. Participating artists will need to sign up for a 30-minute time slot and complete a brief application in advance to be paired with one an attorney.

What to bring: Your completed application. Sign up in advance at


Life Creative

How to Turn Your Design Ideas into a Business

Friday & Saturday, 10am–4:30pm

We will offer information on how to take your creative ideas and turn them into reality. If you have an idea for a design we will help you build and sell it, if you want to get onto TV/Film we will get you on the air, if you want to make money off of teaching your creative talent we will give you the ability and location or if you want to produce your own event we have the venue.

What to bring: Your idea


Melloe Drama, Inc.

Cultivation Corner

Friday & Saturday, 10am–4:30pm

Whether you are an emerging or an established artist, you will have the opportunity to partake in a professional development lab that provides useful tips to enhance your career and brand. In addition, network with other guest and professionals while receiving critiques and/or evaluations of their presented materials.

What to bring: Yourself



Friday, 10am-4:30pm, Saturday 10am-1pm

MusiCares, the charitable arm of the Recording Academy, will distribute universal-fit earplugs in support of their Healthy Hearing Initiative. Attendees will also learn how MusiCares provides emergency financial assistance during times of need for the professional music industry; basic living needs, addiction and recovery support, and preventive health/wellness.

What to bring: Your ears!


New England Foundation for the Arts

Grant Consultations

Friday & Saturday, 10am–4:30pm

Theater for New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA) will provide 10-minute, one-on-one consultations with dance and theater artists interested in applying for the National Theater Project and/or the National Dance Project.

What to bring: Yourself


Project Decibel

For Your Ears: Music Industry Hearing Wellness

Friday & Saturday, 10am–4:30pm

Learn from one of our doctors of audiology how your hearing works (music specific), what causes injury and how to protect yourself from permanent hearing damage. We will also offer Confidential Hearing Testing and Consultation, where you can get a baseline hearing test and take the first step to a successful hearing wellness plan with one of our doctors of audiology.

What to bring: Your ears


S.H.E. Gallery

Me Too! The Things That Shape Us

Friday & Saturday, 10am–4:30pm

You are invited to engage in a fantasy like activity sharing your most important issue for the community and then bring this issue to life in an imagined exhibition on this topic.

What to bring: Your idea


Sanders Law

Legal Q&A

Saturday, 10am–4:30pm only

Get the chance to sit and discuss your current or foreseeable legal topics with entertainment lawyers from Sanders Law.

What to bring: Your legal question and any supporting documentation or information


Spudnik Press Cooperative

Making Multiples: How to Make Your Work Work as a Print

Friday, 10am–4:30pm & Saturday, 10am–1pm

Artists from across mediums and genres often turn to printmaking when they need multiples ranging from original fine art prints, comics and zines, product packaging, merchandise and marketing materials. Not to mention, even artists have their own personal celebrations (wedding invitations, holiday cards, baby shower gifts) that warrant custom printing. Navigating the many (non-digital) options available to produce fine art prints can be overwhelming, and Spudnik Press is here to talk about your artistic process, the deliverables that you need, your budget and time frame.

What to bring: A visual representation of your art (a full portfolio or just an image on a cell phone is fine) and ideas for any projects that you have in mind


The Actors Fund

The Insurance Doctor is IN!

Friday & Saturday, 10am–4:30pm

Questions about a health insurance bill? Don't understand your insurance and can't get a straight answer? Need some advice on how to negotiate medical debt? Our unbiased insurance expert will answer your questions in a 20-minute one-on-one consultation.

What to bring: 1) If you would like to enroll in insurance, your income documentation for 2017 (including paystubs, unemployment benefits and/or your most recent tax return) or 2) if you have questions about medical bills, bring your bills and the Explanation of Benefits from your insurer


The Bassline Group

Mentor Talks for Musicians!

Friday & Saturday, 10am–4:30pm

Enhance your overall brand with The Bassline Group marketing experts for 15-minute individual mentor talks that will offer critique and strategy around your marketing materials and online presence.

What to bring: Your Electronic Press Kits (EPKs), CDs or other marketing materials for discussion


The Soul Train Impact

Branding Consults

Friday & Saturday, 10am–4:30pm

Five Soul Train Impact Mentors will be on hand for 10 to 15 minute one-on-one sessions to help you craft and hone your brand, resume and image. Our expertise ranges from actors to media professionals to spoken word artists and beyond.

What to bring: Your current branding materials and/or your resume



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